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8 Signs Traveling With Your Friend Is Not the Best Idea

It seems like a perfect idea: you, your friend, and an adventure. But traveling with someone is almost like a marriage. It has challenges, it can evoke extreme intimacy or irreconcilable differences and could become an issue of how to not lose your friend after a trip together.

We at Bright Side hope you stay best friends forever and found signs that say you might be better off not traveling together.

1. Your daily routine is different.

It might look like there is nothing special about having different daily routines, but when one person wakes up at 7 AM and starts to make noise everywhere, and the other wants to sleep in until 12 PM — well, this can be a big problem.

And this is just in the morning. During the day, one friend might need to go work out because she always exercises at 2 PM. It can be a disaster. After a couple of days like this, you’ll start quarrelling like crazy about the fact that it is not possible to relax with them.

2. Too much of a good thing

There are people who prefer more privacy. They only need to have breakfast and dinner together and the rest of the day they want to be on their own.

Then there are some people who love to spend every second with a friend and do “all the things” together. When those opposite ways of thinking meet, it can awaken a problem.

3. Different budget

It is not nice when your friend brings you to the most expensive restaurant because there won’t be a chance like this anymore, but your budget is too small for that. You can only afford water and enjoy watching your happy friend drink wine and eat lobsters.

You may think that it’s selfish, but they have every right to spend their own money. Unfortunately, when these situations come up often during a journey they make you want to simply explode like a bomb.

4. No planning

Let’s go to Paris! Yeah! We’ll have fun there! Yeah! It might sound like a perfect plan. Before you end up in a war, find out about both of your interests and come to a compromise.

Maybe you plan to just visit museums and exhibitions and your bestie imagines your trip as one big party.

5. One is experienced in traveling and the other is not.

You are going abroad again and decided to take your friend who has never left the borders of your country. Beginning at the airport, your bestie will need some help and guidance.

Your vacation can slowly turn into babysitting and it may annoy you a lot, because the majority of responsibilities will be on you.

6. You have a different attitude toward new acquaintances.

This one is a typical story. One has a partner, the other doesn’t. Your bestie might be always online with their spouse, while you want to be adventurous. Or it can be the opposite.

It doesn’t matter who is in a relationship right now, but what’s important is that one can be totally bored and regret that they didn’t go with another person who shares the same lifestyle.

7. You become someone’s personal photographer.

One pic. And one more pic. No, you did it wrong. You should’ve told me how to stand.

Yes, some people love to take pictures, but when you become a personal photographer for your friend with constant criticism that you don’t know how to do it right, it can turn into a cold war.

8. Always complaining

If you’re picking a route together and the topic of transportation already spurs an argument, this is not a good sign. It could begin with a small thing but may end in a big fight if you totally misunderstand each other.

Constant complaints stress you out and don’t allow you to truly relax, which you definitely don’t want during your vacation.

Have you ever had the experience of traveling with your best friend? How did it go? Please, share your stories with us and comment below!

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