8 Stories of People Who Know Firsthand What an Epic Fail Is

We all have been in a situation, at least once, where it’s so awkward you just want to disappear and forget everything. Life is pretty spontaneous and these kinds of epic fails are just inevitable. Some people relive these stories over and over again, feeling ashamed. Others simply have great stories to tell.

Bright Side gathered 8 extremely awkward and hilarious stories from people who know what an epic fail feels like.

1. The one with the delivery guy

I ordered pizza and the guy showed up and handed me my food. Both of my hands were full so I guess he was just trying to be nice and close the door for me after I was finished paying. He reached forward to close the door, but I thought he was going in for a hug. So I wrapped my arms around him while still holding my food. I then realized what he was trying to do, which wasn’t lovingly embrace me. So I said ‘Merry Christmas’ and closed the door.”

2. The one with the elevator

This morning I was on the elevator. It stopped on the 2nd floor and I saw a dad and his toddler running for the elevator. I was smiling at them while I held what I thought was the open door button. They almost made it but turns out I was holding the close door button. I got so many dirty looks from the people in the elevator.”

3. The one with the maternity pants

My friend was expecting a baby and at one point she couldn’t fit into her regular pants anymore. She did a little bit of maternity clothes shopping, but it was pretty much unsuccessful. She didn’t like the designs of the maternity pants in the stores, so she had a brilliant idea to transform her old jeans by adding stretchy material at the top.

A few days later she went to a professional seamstress and asked her to remodel her pants. The result she got was the epitome of an epic fail. The jeans looked like somebody just sewed old-fashioned panties to the top of the pant legs. Obviously, she never wore these pants ever again.

4. The one with tattoos

I was having dinner with my girlfriend’s parents at a restaurant and everything was going well. My girlfriend’s mother asked me what my thoughts were on people with tattoos. I was thinking of teenagers with dumb quote tattoos on their wrists when I said that I thought they were ‘stupid and uncivilized.’ Her mom replied with a shocked face, saying, ‘oh haha.’

I looked at my girlfriend’s father a few seconds later and suddenly remembered that he has 2 huge tattoos on both of his shoulders. The cringe hit me hard and my ears were getting really, really hot and red. We left and acted like nothing happened but I know for a fact that her parents started talking about me as soon as we were gone.”

5. The one with the birthday cake

So yesterday I spent half a day making a birthday cake for my Dad. I really wanted to try this fabulous-looking vegan recipe from the spiceandsprout Instagram account. Then this happened... I did, at least, candy my oranges for the top ... so, you know ... snaps for me! It was still super tasty and thankfully, Dad is easy to please!”

6. The one with the cashier

I went in to buy milk and some other things at the supermarket. I put everything on the counter and then paid for it all. As I was grabbing my stuff I hear the cashier say ‘would you like a bag?’ and I say ‘no thank you.’ But I quickly realized that she did not say that and I actually misheard her. She said, ‘Have a nice night.’

I replied to ‘have a nice night’ with ‘no thank you.’ All I could do was smile and leave. I don’t think I will ever go back there again.”

7. The one with the Coke

“About 8-10 years ago I drove to the store while drinking a can of Coke. I made my purchase while talking to the salesperson at the counter and continuing to sip from my can. I thought the guy acted a little strange, but didn’t think anything of it... Until I got back to my car and went to put my soda in the drink holder, only to find one already there.

I slowly realized that I had left my soda in the car, went into the store, picked up an employee’s Coke from the counter, started drinking it right in front of them, and then I just left with it. The guy must have thought I was nuts. I quickly started up my car and sped away. Haven’t been back there since.”

8. The one with the question

Got my haircut yesterday from a cute hairdresser. She asked where I worked. After I finished telling her, I asked: “What about you?” “Kill me now.”

BONUS: This is such an epic fail, it hurts to even look at this pic.

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