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8 Unexpected Things Your Appearance Can Reveal About You

The English idiom says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But in fact, someone’s appearance can inform you about a lot of things: from how much you can trust a person, to whether he or she is a perfectionist or not. It can even indicate various diseases.

Bright Side has found the features of our appearance that can tell you more than you think.

1. Wrinkles are connected to heart disease.

According to a study conducted in 2012, heart health problems affect the quality of the skin. Scientists compared the number of wrinkles on the upper inner arms and faces of a group of people with long-living parents and a random group of people of the same age. The results showed that women who have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, look 2 years younger than their age. In contrast, women whose parents have heart problems, have more wrinkles.

2. Pimples can indicate health problems.

In Eastern medicine, it is believed that pimples on the skin are a consequence of issues with the internal organs and with various diseases.

  • Pimples in the area between the eyebrows (on the bridge of the nose) can indicate liver problems. It could possibly be overloaded with alcohol, unhealthy fatty foods, or drugs.
  • Most often, pimples under the eyes are linked to problems with the kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • Pimples in the upper part of the cheeks indicate stomach problems.
  • Pimples on the middle and lower parts of the cheeks can be caused by a malfunction of the lungs. The right cheek is responsible for the right lung, and the left cheek for the left lung. Lung disease can be expressed in red spots or problems with capillaries.
  • Pimples over the lips can be a signal of cardiovascular problems.

3. The shape of your face reveals your personality traits.

The author of the book The Wisdom of Your Face and an expert in face reading Jean Haner says that face shape can tell others about your approach to life.

  • Diamond face shape: People with this face shape are perfectionists. They love to command and communicate well with people.
  • Round face shape: A person with this face shape puts the interests of other people above his or her own.
  • Heart face shape: These people are very stubborn, energetic, and intuitive. They have creative abilities.
  • Square face shape: These people are very hardy. They like to take on big projects.
  • Oval face shape: People with this face shape are super-welcoming. Therefore, they very often attract people to themselves.
  • Rectangular face shape: Representatives of this type are famous for their logic. They carefully plan their actions and rarely talk about feelings.
  • Triangular face shape: These people want to be in charge of everything. The narrower the forehead of a person, the more authority he takes upon himself. Usually, these people are very successful.

Believe it or not, there’s no medical confirmation for this theory.

4. Your facial expression determines your dominance, trustworthiness, and attractiveness.

According to a psychological study done in 2014, people can gauge your dominance, attractiveness, and trustworthiness by your facial expression. Here are the expressions that can help you:

  • Low dominance: showing dimples, lowering and raising the brows, lowering the chin, and stretching the lips.
  • High dominance: snarling the lips and wrinkling the nose.
  • Low attractiveness: wrinkling the nose, pulling the lips open, and tightening the eyelids.
  • High attractiveness: lowering and raising the brows, pulling the lips back into a slight smile.
  • Low trustworthiness: frowning, narrowing the eyes, and dilating the nostrils.
  • High trustworthiness: deepening the lines between the mouth and nose and raising the brows.

5. Height is related to leadership qualities.

When you meet with a new person, your brain judges his or her height. This happens because your brain wants to come to a conclusion about his or her ability to be in charge. A tall person is assumed by the brain to be a leader. It is also interesting that people in photos who have long faces are automatically regarded by us as tall.

6. Facial bone structure influences people’s opinions about your physical strength.

Scientists asked the participants of an experiment to evaluate the physical abilities of a man based only on photographs of his face or the upper half of his body. At the same time, people whose photos were shown to participants were previously physically tested. It turned out that the test subjects most accurately indicated the real power of men. It was also found that people tend to assess the strength of a person not on the basis of the muscularity of his legs, but on the basis of the width of his chest and the volume of his biceps.

7. A wide face is connected with a high aggression level.

The participants of this study looked at photos of men with neutral facial expressions for 1200 milliseconds to assess their aggression. The results were again confirmed by further research, in which participants looked at photos for only 39 milliseconds. It was found that a certain proportion of the height and width of the face can be an indicator of aggression. With a higher testosterone level, a wider face shape is observed. This study only refers to men.

8. Your eyes can predict your melanoma risks.

The eyes aren’t just the mirror of the soul. They can also predict your risk of cancer. People with bright eyes have an increased risk of uveal melanoma due to the low amount of protective pigment in the eye. It should be noted that the risk of other melanoma types, like skin cancer, is unlikely to be determined by the eyes.

Now you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them. Will you be more attentive when meeting with friends and acquaintances? Tell us in the comments!