9 Billionaire Habits We Need to Adopt So We’ll Never Have to Bargain Shop Again

A recent study showed that in order to be rich, you don’t need to be very intelligent and that the ability to earn millions doesn’t depend on your IQ. However, there are some other psychological features that future billionaires have, so any goal-oriented, selfish person could have an opportunity to try out what it’s like to live a beautiful, luxurious life.

We at Bright Side hope that you always have enough money. But there is no such thing as too much money, which is why you might find these secrets from billionaires useful on your quest to make your dreams come true.

1. Rich people think about themselves.

German researcher, Rainer Zitelmann, decided to find out which character traits are found in very rich people. It turns out that the owners of factories, newspapers, and other successful businessmen all have something in common.

Wealthy people are morally stable: their emotions don’t dictate how they solve their problems — they rely solely on their logic. Also, rich people love communicating with people and they are persistent in achieving their goals. But there is one big disadvantage — all rich people are hugely selfish. First and foremost, they think about their business.

For example, the heir of L’Oreal, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers filed a lawsuit against her mother. She accused her mother of being under the influence of some bad people who wanted to get all of her money. The women made peace later and Françoise still got all of the billions, thanks to her will.

2. They don’t listen to their parents or teachers.

Billionaires become rich thanks to a feature that teachers and parents hate — they don’t obey. Since their early childhood, they test the boundaries of what they can and can’t do and they break all the rules they can. However, future criminals often have the same traits.

The difference is that future billionaires know when to stop and criminals don’t. Just remember, being overly confident has ruined the careers of many successful people. So, if you are planning to become a successful businessman, don’t be shy about asking the people you trust for advice.

3. They don’t lie on the couch in their free time.

While regular people are busy with their everyday tasks, like cooking and cleaning, rich people are free from these boring activities. But they don’t spend all their free time on fun, they spend it on self-development.

Wealthy people read for about 5.5 hours a week and spend 2 hours in the gym (and people that live paycheck to paycheck spend about 2 times less on these activities). Despite all their money, rich people spend about 6 hours more working and they sleep less.

4. They don’t use Instagram or other social media.

Social media takes up a lot of our free time, which could be spent on something more useful. This is why rich people don’t use it — according to Sarah Fallow, the author of the book Become the Millionaire Next Door, millionaires only spend a couple of hours a week on Twitter and Instagram. And people with an average income spend about 14 hours a week scrolling their feed.

5. They love earning money but they hate spending it.

The difference between the middle class and very wealthy people is in how they answer this simple question, “Which do you like more — earning money or spending it?”

People who have an average income love buying things and the true passion of billionaires is finding new ways to earn money. And ultra-rich people often have very simple lives: they don’t have toilets made of gold or diamonds on their dogs’ clothes.

6. They get married at an early age and have a lot of children.

Are you married? Do you have children? If yes, your chances are better of becoming a millionaire. According to statistics, 87% of the richest people on the planet are in long-term family relationships and are parents to 3 or more children.

Of course, a big family is no guarantee that you’ll earn billions. But this is clear: the moral support from loved ones helps businessmen deal with stress.

7. They work instead of going to parties

Contrary to popular opinion, being really rich is actually boring. The people that really rule the world live very modest lifestyles. The main rule that rich people adhere to is to have everything they need, but not everything they want. In order to earn and save a lot of money, they have to skip partying and work all day long.

8. They are not fixated on their appearance.

Real-life billionaires don’t look like the main character of Fifty Shades of Grey: they don’t have the beautiful muscles and cool beards. The average age of the richest people on the planet is between 50-70 (and older) years old. Besides, 40% of them wear glasses and are bald.

The billionaire community is still a boy’s club. In 2018, there were 2,604 super-rich people who had more than $1 billion, and only 300 of them were women.

9. They don’t have friends just for fun.

One study showed that wealthy people don’t choose their friends in the same way other people do. When we are looking for a friend, we hope to find someone with similar interests, a sense of humor, someone who is kind, and often we rely on our instincts when we make a choice. But wealthy people consciously plan who to communicate with and who to put on their blacklist.

Successful people prefer having positive friends with a wide outlook and they love people who are optimistic. “The right” people help us advance and develop.

Obviously, it is not that easy to become rich. But honestly, we would love to have a couple of billion dollars. Have you ever thought about how you would spend your money if you had billions of dollars in your bank account? Maybe you would buy a pretty boat or would help homeless cats? Tell us in the comment section below!

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