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9 Details About People’s Looks That Will Attract You Whether You Like It or Not

Many stereotypes make our lives much harder: our legs have to be long, our breasts are supposed to create deep cleavage, and our body has to be really fit. As it turns out, these things don’t have as much of an influence on our attractiveness as we think.

Bright Side knows everything about the recent studies about male and female attractiveness. And in the bonus, we will tell you how people’s preferences change when they suddenly get rich.

The color red can even outshine cleavage.

It is believed that in nature, the color red is used by some female primates to attract males. As a result, at a subconscious level, red is associated with romance and love in people.

This color instantly boosts the level of physical attractiveness of a woman. Scientists checked this statement with a simple experiment. They found out that male drivers would be more likely to give a lift to a woman wearing red, rather than a woman wearing any other color.

The researchers were right: 1 out of every 5 drivers was ready to drive a woman in red. And only 1 out of every 10 drivers stopped to drive a woman in black. Female drivers didn’t care about the color at all.

In reality, not all men like high heels.

In 2015, scientists conducted an experiment. Women wearing 3.5 in heels and women wearing no heels asked men for help. One of the experiments went like this: a woman deliberately dropped her glove and researchers were watching to see if a man would pick it up. As a result, it turned out that men were more likely to help women wearing heels, rather than the ones that weren’t.

But in 2019, it was found that the experiment had a flaw, this is why the results can’t be taken seriously. As a result, the conclusion was that heels don’t have an influence on the attractiveness of women.

Men prefer women who have similar appearances as them.

Men prefer women that look like them for selfish reasons: they are more likely to have children that look like them. This is an evolutionary thing: all of us want to have offspring and we want our children to inherit as many of our traits as possible.

9 out of 10 women are totally okay with bald men.

Many people think that bald men are honest and confident, this is why more people trust them. And nobody likes it when men try to hide the fact that they are going bald. Almost everyone thinks about Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and other celebrities when they think about bald men. By the way, some women believe that, in many cases, the absence of hair actually highlights the perfect shape of the skull.

Self-confident men choose tall women, even if they are not as tall themselves.

Insecure men often give in to their insecurities and choose women that are significantly shorter than they are. And vice versa: the more self-confident a man is, the higher the chances are that they will choose a tall woman. Aside from the height, it is also about psychology: the taller the woman, the more independent and ambitious she seems to be. And shorter women seem to be better mothers and more caring partners.

Women like men with bellies more than super-fit men.

Men are out there trying to get the perfect bodies and working out in the gym, but the popularity of men’s body positivity is increasing. This tendency has been gaining momentum since 2016. According to scientists, 4 out of 5 women think that a small belly means that a man is very self-confident. According to other studies, 65% find body-positive men attractive and 61% find them sexy.

Men with tattoos look more dominant, but not a lot of women are eager to start relationships with them.

On a subconscious level, tattoos seem to be a sign of strength. This is not surprising, because in the past tattoos were very painful and the procedure could even lead to sepsis. If they didn’t get sick from it, men were believed to be very strong physically.

An experiment showed that tattoos still prove that the owner is a strong person. But it doesn’t mean that people are more likely to choose partners with tattoos: tattoos and piercings are associated with risk, aggression, and impulsiveness. These qualities are not the ones that many people want to see in the people they want to be with.

The length of the legs matters.

Many people believe that the longer a female’s legs are, the more attractive she looks to men. But this opinion is wrong.

Scientists’ analyzed the level of attractiveness of women from different countries depending on how long their legs are, and came up with a theory. It was found out that men prefer women with an average leg length. Legs that are too short or too long are not appreciated by many men.

Men are more likely to notice sad women, than funny ones.

It is believed that men make better jokes than women. Scientists explain this stereotype from an evolutionary point of view: a person that can make us laugh appears to be dominant. This is why men often treat women that have a good sense of humor and can make good jokes as competitors and as their potential partners.

Besides, on a subconscious level, men are more likely to notice a sad woman rather than a happy one. This is because sad women make men want to comfort them and make them happy.

Bonus: If a person becomes wealthy, their tastes might change.

The richer a man is, the higher his requirements for the appearance of his partner are. And vice versa. Besides, less wealthy men are usually more serious about their partners and they are less likely to have affairs. In contrast, rich men often have affairs.

Interestingly, women don’t do the same thing. Their preferences in partners don’t change depending on how much they earn.

Tell us, do you agree with the parameters of attractiveness described in this article?

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