9 Geographical Names That Constantly Bother Us

These toponyms are stubbornly confused by many people: journalists, sports announcers, and politicians.

Bright Side will enlighten those who find it difficult to distinguish Holland from the Netherlands and Slovenia from Slovakia.

Slovenia is famous for the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and plenty of sun. Slovakia has the Carpathian and Tatra Mountains and castles. The self-names of these countries look even more alike: "Slovenia" and "Slovensko," both from the word "Slavs."

Both names are of Indian origin. Uruguay means "river of the painted birds," and it's famous for the world's poorest president, Jose Mujica. Paraguay - "from the great river" - is known for plenty of places with untouched nature.

Lithuania got its name in honor of the Lietauka rivulet or from the word "leyty" - as the peasants called the vigilantes. Latvia is from the ethnonym of Latvians: "latviy."

Iraq's old name was Mesopotamia, and it's famous for Babylonia, Assyria, and the war with the USA. Iran's old name was Persia, and it's famous for Omar Khayyam, Avicenna, carpets, and the Islamic Revolution.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was the most famous Iranian-Iraqi project.

Sweden is famous for Astrid Lindgren, Vikings, ABBA, A-ha, meatballs, and skiers. Switzerland is famous for its banks, watches, chocolate, cheese, cows, and the Alps. And no, it doesn't have a capital.

The names of both countries come from the Niger River. Niger has a very low economy level, Nigeria - quite the opposite. Though the same cannot be said about its standard of living. Both countries are quite dangerous for tourists.

Zeeland - "sea land" - is a region in the Netherlands, while New Zealand is a country. The latter was named after the Netherland's region because the Dutch were the first Europeans to get there.

Finland is a country, while Lapland is only a cultural region. It's geographically located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

Holland doesn't have a flag. It's a historical area and former county which has always been the dominant part of the Netherlands. The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam are located there.

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