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9 Outrageously Expensive Things That Prove Vanity Is Immortal

Some objects are able to amaze not only by their ingenuity or design but also with their ridiculously high price.

Bright Side brings you a list of 9 enormously expensive everyday things we think you should see at least once.

A diamond pacifier

The most expensive pacifier in the world is made of silicone. The handle is white gold inlaid with 280 diamonds. Its cost is $17,000.

A golden iPhone with a diamond

It’s not a regular iPhone 6 — it’s a VIP smartphone coated with gold or platinum and inlaid with a diamond. Its cost estimate is $48 million. No comment.

A bed decorated with gold and precious stones

This luxurious bed by Stuart Hughes costs a whopping $6.3 million. Its frame is made from the best types of ash, chestnut, and cherry. All this magnificence is decorated with 235 lbs (!) of 24 ct gold, as well as diamonds and sapphires. That’s what you call sleeping like royalty!

A vacuum cleaner inlaid with Swarovski crystals

This vacuum is so expensive and sparkly that it even got into the Guinness World Records Book. It’s decorated with 3,730 Swarovski crystals and costs $20,000. It’s hard to imagine someone actually cleaning the house with it.

A golden bicycle

A bicycle fully covered with 24 ct gold only costs $400,000. Its saddle, by the way, is covered with soft suede, and the bike itself is inlaid with diamonds. Leaving such transport in your backyard is a very bad idea even if you have a big and sturdy lock.

A crocodile leather umbrella

The most expensive umbrella in the world is made of croc leather and costs $5,000. This luxury item is produced by fashion brand Billionaire Couture, founded by Italian millionaire Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso.

An electric-wheel suitcase

This cute suitcase’s price is $20,000. It’s made from various exotic materials, such as horsehair, ebony, magnesium, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, sailcloth, and different kinds of leather. In addition, its wheels have electric engines in them. To turn them on, you tilt the suitcase and pull on the handle, and your luggage will go wherever the handle is indicating.

Golden shoelaces

A pair of golden shoelaces by Mr Kennedy costs $19,000. Elite delivery is also included: a special delivery man will bring the laces right to the customer’s front porch.

Bonus: blue dumplings

Golden Gates restaurant in New York offers its customers the most expensive dumplings in the world. Apart from regular ingredients, they contain the gland of a deepwater horned lantern fish, giving the dumplings their peculiar blue tint. They’re said to be exquisitely delicious, and customers readily give away their money for them: $2,400 for 8 dumplings and $4,400 for 16 of them.

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