10 Pieces of Advice That Might One Day Save Your Life

When people hear the phrase "survival tips," many of them immediately imagine a situation similar to that faced by Robinson Crusoe or Bear Grylls: going one on one with nature. But the fact is that even in the city it's a good idea to know what to do when the situation demands it in order to avoid misfortune.

We at Bright Side gathered some of the best advice to help make sure you don't panic in dangerous situations.

10. Using keys for self-defense

You often see this kind of advice online: to defend yourself when you're attacked on the street, hold your keys between your fingers like a knuckle-duster. But you actually shouldn't do this as it can harm your fingers. To even get your keys into this position in your hand, you need time, which you may not have.

It's much more effective to hold your keys as you would a knife, or clutch them in your fist.

9. If the taxi driver is acting strangely

Before getting into a taxi, write down its number. If the taxi driver seems to be acting strangely, phone someone (anyone) you know, or simply pretend that you're making a phone call. During the conversation tell them the taxi's number.

8. Don't underestimate ixodid ticks

In Europe, Asia, and America, ticks can give a person Lyme Disease and, in some places, tick-born encephalitis. Both of these diseases are extremely dangerous. If you get bitten by a tick, go to a doctor immediately for a check-up.

Remember that ticks can latch onto you even in an ordinary park, so always be careful. To remove one that's burrowed into the skin, try to grab it with some tweezers close to the head, and very carefully prize it out. Read about other methods of getting rid of ticks here.

7. If a person says they won't touch you, be on your guard.

Pay special attention to strange, unsolicited promises. If someone says, seemingly without any reason whatsoever, that they don't intend to touch you, this should raise the suspicion that they want to do precisely that. Statements of this kind should always set alarm bells ringing in your head.

6. Money for an emergency

It's a great idea to hide some money inside your phone case. There's always a chance that you'll urgently need some cash (for example, to pay a taxi driver). Having some emergency money might just save you if your wallet/purse or bag gets stolen or lost.

5. The crowd effect

If you or someone you're with suddenly feels unwell in a public place, don't ask everyone around you for help all at once. Instead find the nearest individual, and ask them specifically. Otherwise, responsibility simply "dissipates": people will think that someone else has already taken on responsibility for the emergency situation, and they'll just walk on by.

4. What to do if you can't open the window of a sinking car

If you're in a car that's sinking underwater, you must immediately open the window and climb out through it without delay. But what should you do if the window won't open? This can happen in those cases when the body of the car has been damaged as a result of a collision. For this reason, you should always have something heavy inside the car that can be used to break the window if necessary. A steering wheel lock, fire extinguisher, or any other heavy object would be suitable for this.

You can find more details about what to do if you're stuck in a sinking car right here.

3. A simple safety rule for staircases

Never put your hands in your pockets when climbing or descending a staircase so that you can easily catch the handrail if you slip. But if you do fall, your arms can play a vital role in preventing serious injury to your head.

2. If something seems wrong, don't be afraid to be rude.

You should always be bold enough to refuse spending time with people who seem strange. If you're afraid to be alone in the elevator with your neighbor and feel that something's not right, don't ignore your instincts just to avoid offending someone.

1. What if you are attacked after all?

Don't try to hit the attacker's face as that leaves their hands free to keep harming you. It is better to hit the body or grip their wrists with force. Do wrist exercises every day to make your hands stronger.

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