9 Reasons Why Airport Staff Knows Much More About Us Than We Think

Airports often feel like foreign countries with their own sets of rules, regulations and of course, secrets. Only the people who work there know how things really work.

Bright Side has found out some interesting facts about airports and their employees. And now that you'll know these hidden secrets, the airport staff may not be able to hide them from us any longer.

1. They see us naked.

Many of us feel awkward when a complete stranger has to search us as a safety precaution. But when you find this out, your opinion of airport control will change forever.

In some airports, there are special scanners which oblige a passenger to lift their hands up when going through it. This means that an airport employee sees the person naked while they walk through the scanner. Yes, you read that right. This scanner is even called the Naked Scanner. It's clear now that sometimes the airport staff knows us much better than we thought.

2. They analyze off behavior.

In some airports, there are special people called profilers. They analyze your mimics, gestures, and behavior in order to detect suspicious people. Their job is to notice the non-verbal signs of anxiety like licking their lips, itching, or, for example, looking around a lot. If a profiler notices a person acting in a weird way, they can invite them to an inspection. There, they talk to the person to try to find out more about them.

Such people work in both the main halls and in passport control. The typical question asked is, "What's is the purpose of your visit?" and is designed to see a person's reaction.

3. They know how aggressive we are.

In many big airports, there are special cameras which help notice if a person is drunk or under the influence of drugs. Some cameras can even point to a certain level of aggression. Cameras transmit the information to a computer and in cases of dangerous levels of aggression (when a person looks red), the person will be stopped by a security guard for a detailed inspection.

4. They have no idea when luggage is in a different country.

Most of us have asked the question, "What happens to my baggage and why is it always so dirty?" Baggage is sorted automatically: scanners scan the barcode and sort the baggage according to its destination. Sometimes, a scanner may send your luggage to the wrong country if you, for example, forgot to tear off the previous sticker with a different destination.

5. They have dogs check our bags.

Before your baggage gets on a plane, it goes through five security levels, and one of them (besides scanning of the contents) includes being checked by a special dog that can sniff out drugs or other chemicals.

6. Food is cooked around the clock.

Most airports are equipped with giant kitchens where the food for passengers is cooked. Usually, these kitchens cook food for different air companies. Such kitchens work 24/7 because the food for a flight is cooked about 6-10 hours in advance.

7. They control planes when they fly and when they are parked.

Dispatchers don't only control the planes in the sky as it is usually shown in movies, but they also control their movement on the ground and the lighting on the runways. One dispatcher has about five monitors, and the information on them is constantly changing since the monitors show weather conditions and information about other planes.

8. They don't care if you have a visa to a different country.

When arriving abroad, if they find out that your visa has expired, you will be deported by the same air company that took you there. Additionally, the ticket will be bought by the person who let you on so you can return home for free.

9. They know what you've held in your hands.

Sometimes airport staff asks passengers to rub their hands on a piece of fabric before putting it in into a special machine. This procedure seems scary but actually, it isn't. You are being checked by a machine called an atomizer.

Before the working day starts, employees put samples of dangerous chemicals into the machine like drugs or explosives. The machine "memorizes" the smell, and in the case of a person's hands smelling something like those chemicals, it alerts them to this danger.

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