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9 short stories that will fly you to a new world

9 short stories that will fly you to a new world

The short story is, perhaps, the perfect literary form; it requires a minimum amount of your time investment, yet it can entertain, inform, and amuse you to the greatest extent. You immerse yourself straight into the story, read it until the end, and fully grasp its meaning — and all of this happens in around 30 minutes.

Bright Side has selected nine copyright collections of stories that will turn your time spent on public transportation or waiting in line into a short, unforgettable adventure.

A Medicine for Melancholy

Ray Bradbury
Bradbury is an amazing storyteller. Each story of this collection is in a world of its own, filled with sadness and miracles. They are timeless fictional stories written about the future that can sometimes be melancholic, surprising, or striking. While reading these stories, you risk falling under love’s spell.

Fragile Things

Neil Gaiman
This is a collection of strange, unique, and funny stories. Stories are like butterflies: human hearts and dreams painted by a story are fragile, made up of nothing stronger or more lasting than twenty-six letters and a handful of punctuation marks. They are invisible words, composed of sounds and abstract ideas, gone once they have been spoken. But, there are some stories that have outlasted all the people who have told them. Some of them have even outlasted the lands in which they were created.

Jigs & Reels

Joanne Harris
“Faith and Hope” are two elderly women who escape from a nursing home to go to a fashionable shop in London. A class reunion of witches results in a young woman trying out recipes from an old cookbook from her mother-in law. This collection of stories looks like an elegant crystal bowl filled with candies that you will want to savor.

This Tower of Ashes

George R.R. Martin
A mechanic discovers an ancient city on a distant planet and travels from star to star. An Ice Dragon sacrifices his love for a girl with an ice heart. An eternally young adventurer travels through time in search for his beloved. Although a central theme ties the stories together, each one has its own unique quality.

Eyes of a Blue Dog

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Why did a beautiful woman turn into a cat? Why did Nabo make the angels wait? What happens in the old town of Macondo with the onset of the rainy season? Marquez juggles different literary styles and genres, gropingly looking for his future artistic credo. He finally becomes the master of magical realism.

Just After Sunset

Stephen King
“Just After Sunset” is comprised of “baker’s dozen” stories, each of which is able to scare the bravest reader and delight the most sophisticated connoisseur of horror films. 13 is a good number, but is it easy to survive 13 meetings with someone you barely know.

Wednesday’s Violets

André Maurois
Maurois is the embodiment of irony with romantic and sentimental overtones. He is the author of small epistolaries, psychological novels, theatrical sketches, and feuilletons. Maurois is a true psychologist — he subtly and accurately reveals human nature, family ties, and the beauty of love and friendship.

Terrifying Love Stories

Milorad Pavić
You may shatter like a bird on clean glass while reading this collection. The author invents his own alphabet-labyrinth where it’s impossible not to get lost. There are a thousand voices in each room, pulling your mind in a bunch of different directions. It’s not just a text — it’s a musical canvas, woven from 26 notes.

Six Stories Written in the First Person Singular

Somerset Maugham
These are refined and witty stories. Heroes of the short stories are from the high society of London during the “roaring twenties”: fashionable ladies, literary giants, men around town, and noble gentlemen. Maugham takes the mask off of their external respectability with his usual evil and well-aimed humor.
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