9 Signs That Reveal You’re Really Mentally Strong

Scientists believe that being mentally strong is a higher predictor of success than intelligence, and after having a look at these signs, you’ll understand why. To have control over your emotions and will power is to be a powerful individual that can achieve almost anything you set out to do. Want to know if these have anything to do with you? Read on and check for yourself!

Bright Side has gathered some research that backs up the features behind a mentally strong person.

1. You don’t worry about issues that are out of your control.

Your motto is “If you can fix it, don’t worry; if you can’t fix it, don’t worry.” Clinical Psychologist Amy Morin explains that if you’re a strong-minded person you usually don’t worry about issues you can’t control. Some people may feel safe having everything managed, but some matters are out of our reach. Trying to control them will only lead to stress and a loss of energy. It’s better to save that strength for something you can actually achieve, improve, or change.

2. You accept and face the problems that come your way.

Life is hard, and you know it. Not only that, you accept that failure, sickness, and sadness will come your way. But instead of choosing to recoil whenever something unfortunate happens and restrain from achieving your goals in life, studies show that you decide to use each moment of adversity to your advantage by learning from it. That is a gift from your high emotional intelligence, something mentally strong people possess and cultivate, which allows you to cope with negative emotions.

3. You can say “no” without regret.

If your boss asked you if you could work over the weekend, you would have no problem saying no. You would prefer to go to that class or cultivate your relationship with your partner. You’re committed to your goals, responsibilities, and values and don’t let other things get in their way. That’s the reason you’re comfortable with saying “no” whenever it’s necessary. It’s a way of exercising self-control and building respect, which will enable you to honor your goals, responsibilities, and values. That doesn’t imply that you’re mean, on the contrary. It shows you won’t put up with bullies, time-wasters, or with behaviors that jeopardize you or the ones you love.

4. You are patient, and know that dreams don’t come true in a second.

Research shows that strong-minded people reflect and don’t just react, which allows them to ponder and analyze circumstances thoroughly in order to make the best of each situation. This is why you tend to be patient with other people, yourself, and especially your goals. You understand that it takes time and effort to achieve your dreams. In fact, further studies suggest that people like you tend to be more successful.

5. You set the necessary boundaries.

Setting boundaries is a way to healthily exert power and thrive. That’s the reason you set them. Studies prove that you like to take control of your body and mind because that transforms you into your own master, not a slave of your or someone else’s desires. For example, you control your bad habits, you’ll likely reject negative people, and you’ll go to the gym, even if you’re tired. You believe discipline is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

6. You don’t complain, you act.

You don’t feel the world owes you anything. You’ve come to understand that good things are worth working for. So instead of feeling entitled or complaining about the unfairness of the world, you try to concentrate on what you can do to make your life and the lives of those you value better. Research suggests that this is the result of useful reflection on your part and determination that characterizes you to pursue what you believe.

7. You rarely improvise, you prefer to strategize.

You’re a planner, and you’re not impulsive. Impulsiveness is a feature found typically in people who haven’t thought about their goals yet and don’t mind or can’t see the consequences of their behavior. On the contrary, psychologists believe mentally strong people already have precise goals in mind, so you like you plan, calculate risks, and follow the most effective path toward what you desire. In short: You strategize to achieve the life you believe is fulfilling.

8. You are confident, but not over-confident.

Being over-confident is assuming that you’re already experienced enough. That could leave you unprepared and easily caught off-guard. Mentally robust individuals are found to have a profound self-awareness that lets them clearly see their strengths and weaknesses. Because you know your assets and try to overcome or minimize your flaws, you are confident in most situations.

9. You don’t jeopardize your sleep.

A rested mind is a strong mind. You don’t gamble with your ability to perform successfully daily, because of that you are able to achieve what you want. That is why research shows that people like you usually have good sleep habits, treat their sleeping hours as recharging hours, and get as much as they need to wake up restored and ready.

You really are something! Which of these features do you think is the most useful? Do you believe having a strong mind is better than having a genius mind? Discuss in the comment section!

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