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9 Things to Avoid Buying Online and 7 Safe Deals We’ll Need for This Black Friday

Every year there is an unofficial holiday in America where lots of people just shop, they even get up in the middle of the night to go to stores, and they shop to the point that stores have empty shelves when everything is over. This day, called Black Friday, happens on the 23rd of November this year. Some of us would much rather shop online than brave the Black Friday crowds. But it is important to not get confused and try to remember which things are the most trustworthy and reliable when purchasing online.

We in Bright Side decided to share items that are good and bad when it comes to online shopping.

Things to avoid buying online

Some items only look like a good deal, but when you get them, the only thing that you feel is disappointment. There are things it’s better to avoid buying online.

1. Cosmetics

Even if you think that buying cosmetics online is no big deal, it could backfire on you. First of all, you need samples to be sure about the color. And if you’ve opened the purchased cosmetics, depending on the retailer, you can’t just return it even if you didn’t use it.

You should take a risk only if you know the product already and know the shop that sells it online.

2. Shoes

It would seem like there is nothing special about buying shoes online, but this item may not fit you. Buy shoes only from stores with a reputation you know and trust and you will be able to return them and get your money back if you don’t like them or if they don’t fit.

3. Final sale items

The reason why it is not a good idea to purchase final sale items is simple. Usually, you can’t return these products. So before paying, we recommend finding out all the rules from the website you’re purchasing from.

4. Fresh and dairy products

Products like fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheese need a proper check before buying. It would be a pity if you ordered cucumbers and all of them are soft and have gone bad.

5. Cars

Many of us prefer online shopping and have probably never had any problems with it before, but buying a car online can be super stressful. Don’t buy important items like this without testing them first and seeing them with your own eyes in person. This counts for both new and used cars. Seeing it in person makes it easier to return it before paying and to test drive it. This also includes cars for rent. Pay close attention to dealers. They should be experienced, trustworthy, and have all the necessary documentation.

6. Jewelry

Size, quality of material, and work are incredibly important when talking about jewelry and you can’t check any of this online. This is especially true with handmade items that are considered exclusive work or design. It’s better to protect yourself and make a safe investment.

7. Furniture

It is always costly to deliver large items. So if you don’t want to pay double for having to send the furniture back in case you don’t like it, go check it in the physical store. There you can also discuss all the details for delivery.

8. Big and expensive electronics

One of the biggest problems with online shopping can be getting your money back in case the product is damaged or doesn’t work. Most electronics are fragile and easily damaged. This is especially important during the delivery process when the items are loaded on top each other or not carefully packaged. In the case that you’ve ordered electronics online, make a video of yourself opening the box and your first attempt at using the product.

9. Art

Yes, you save lots of time, but be careful. Sometimes art items can be very expensive and if you pick something trying to match it to the color of your apartment, it can just as easily be a mismatch because the shades might look different on a computer screen.

Things that are better to order online

Cheap deals, saving time and money, and the excitement and anticipation of getting a good deal and waiting for it to arrive. These are the positive results associated with online shopping if you know the rules. Here are the best products that it’s smart to buy online.

1. Small light electronics

Small electronics like speakers, headphones, and earphones could be a great idea to buy online. You will save your time, money, and there are no concerns about their weight and size. And the chances that they will be damaged in transit are really low.

2. Tickets

You can find incredibly good deals for tickets. Sometimes airlines have great online deals or will make the prices for business class the same as for economy. You just need to keep a watchful eye on airline websites instead of booking tours or trips through travel agents.

3. Pet food, kitty litter, and pet toys

Buying this stuff in bulk online can save you a huge amount of money, especially if there is a sale.

4. All kind of diapers and pads

Online you can find many of good deals for this stuff. Additionally, if you are too shy to buy adult diapers, this is a perfect solution.

5. Books and journals

If you still love to read real books and don’t like the electronic versions, the internet is the perfect place to shop. Plus you won’t pay the extra markup that is included in the price for renting a brick and mortar shop.

6. Basic clothing

Don’t be scared to buy clothing online. Sweaters, jackets, and sweaters are less risky than shoes. Most of the online stores have good conditions for delivery and returns because there is so much competition. Just remember to choose a reliable company with a good reputation.

7. Inexpensive stuff for decoration and souvenirs

There are some trustworthy websites, like Etsy, where you can purchase amazing stuff for home decor and as gifts. If you are not trying to pick something according to the perfect color, then go ahead. You will find plenty of choices with the perfect prices online.

Bonus: Reality and expectations of online shopping.

How often do you shop online? What’s the best deal you got on Black Friday? Leave a comment below and share this article with your friends.

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