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9 Weird Accessories That Were Terribly Popular Back in the Day

Women, as well as lots of men, have always wanted to be beautiful and followed popular trends. To be fashionable, people wore millions of accessories which were considered to be incredibly elegant in the past. But today, when we look at such things, they really surprise and shock us: how could a chamber pot for ladies be stylish?

Bright Side has collected weird accessories worn by people in the past.

9. A chamber pot for ladies

In the 17th and 18th centuries, French women used the bourdalou, a chamber pot for ladies. This item had 1 handle and looked like a gravy boat. From a modern person’s point of view, this thing is quite intimate, but French women wouldn’t agree.

During the age of Louis XIV, gorgeous women wearing crinolines and wigs came up to the wall, took their bourdalou that could be slipped beneath their skirts, used it while standing, and then discretely carried it away. What’s more, is it was a fashionable accessory: pots were made of earthenware or porcelain and were decorated with elegant paintings.

8. A flea catcher

Due to poor hygiene, humans’ bodies were homes to various parasites. To get rid of them, people used to wear skins of fur-bearing animals on their shoulders or used them as belts. Such accessories were decorated with gold and jewels.

Some women even wore pieces of fabric soaked in honey, blood, or resin. Our ancestors thought such “devices” could attract bugs and they’d prefer an animal’s skin to a human’s.

7. Eyebrows made from mouse skin

In the 18th century, weird fake eyebrows were extremely popular. Ladies used to shave their natural brows and glue on mouse skins instead. Women usually placed such eyebrows too high and their faces looked rather sarcastic.

6. Camouflage beauty spots

In the 18th century, natural moles were hidden under tons of makeup, so ladies glued fake beauty spots made of black silk or leather to their faces. With the help of these accessories, women attracted men and hid different diseases such as smallpox, syphilis, and so on.

5. A sun mask

Noblewomen were willing to do anything to keep their skin looking pale. In the 16th century, they used to wear black velvet masks to protect their faces from the sun. As a rule, such masks were used during travel.

Can you imagine how hot it was to wear such a mask taking into consideration that black color literally attracts heat?

4. “Lovers’ eyes”

Though the eyes were drawn on, such accessories didn’t look any less creepy. As a rule, these were watercolor miniatures on ivory that became extremely popular among European men and women of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The eyes of a spouse, loved one, or child were often worn as bracelets, brooches, pendants, or rings. Initially, the accessory was created to keep the name of a beloved secret but later, people started wearing items that depicted family members’ eyes as well.

3. A skirt lifter

This tool was invented in 1846. By the way, the accessory was really useful: it was attached to long skirts and dresses, protecting them from dirt or to facilitate movement.

2. Ships in the hair

Hairstyles of the 18th century were all about grandiosity and pomposity. The most stylish ladies used to wear stuffed birds, figurines, and gardens with small trees. The “a-la belle poule hairstyle was also extremely popular. It commemorated the victory of the French ship over an English ship in 1778.

Of course, it was complicated to ride in a carriage and then Leonard, the favorite hairdresser of Queen Marie Antoinette, created a folding mechanism that allowed women to wear a hairstyle low and then high again.

1. Small balls for plump cheeks

In the 17th century, balls of various materials for plumper cheeks became a hit. People suffered from a lisp and couldn’t even say a couple of words while wearing these balls.

Which trend was the strangest? Would you try any of them? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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