9 World-Famous Brands You Can Hardly Recognize Abroad

Large companies often change the names of the same goods from country to country. If you find yourself looking for a product in a foreign store for hours with no luck, it may be distributed "under a pseudonym" in this country.

Bright Side invites you to find out which world-famous brands change their names in other countries and the reasons they have for doing it.

Burger King

The first Burger King appeared in the USA in 1954, and since then the brand has started to open new restaurants under this name all over the world. However, before entering the Australian market, the company's executives found out that there already exists a brand with the same name. Therefore, Burger King invented a new name for Australia: Hungry Jack's.

Source: hungryjacks.com.au


The Unilever company founded Axe in France in 1983, but in some countries the name had been already "occupied" by other brands. In addition, in English-speaking countries, it's hard to associate the direct meaning of the word "axe" with perfumery. To distribute the products in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and China, the company took the name Lynx.

Source: unilever.com


Danone was founded by Spanish pharmacist Isaac Carasso. He named the brand after his son Daniel (Danone is his family nickname). When entering the US market, company executives decided to make the brand name more "American": Dannon. The former name was wrongly pronounced by Americans, who divided it into two words: "dan" and "one." So don't be surprised at the unusual name of a familiar product - it's not a mistake.

Source: danone.com


As well as Axe (Lynx), Rexona is a brand of the Unilever company. In the United Kingdom, it's known as Sure, in the USA - Degree, in Japan - Rexena, and in South Africa - Shield.

Source: unilever.com

Mr. Clean

The record holder for the number of renames is the brand Mr. Clean. In almost every large country, this cleaning agent has its own name. Here are just a few: Mr. Clean (USA, Canada), Meister Proper (Germany), Monsieur Propre (France), Maestro Limpio (Mexico and Latin America), Mastro Lindo (Italy). The UK and Ireland simply called it Flash.

Source: highnames.com


Procter&Gamble has been manufacturing Crest toothpaste since 1955. In Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and some other countries it has another name: Blend-a-med.

Source: nationalpubliclibrary.com


You can buy Dove chocolate in most countries all over the world, yet the same product in the UK, Egypt, and India is called Galaxy.

Source: dovechocolate.com


This chocolate bar was originally called Raider and was first produced in the UK in 1967. In 1979, the product was imported to the USA under the name Twix. Yet in many European countries, it's still sold under the brand name Raider.

Source: historyofthings.com


Walkers was founded in the UK in 1948. In 1989, PepsiCo, the producer of Lay's chips, purchased Walkers. After that, the British chips changed design but kept the same name: Walkers.

Source: fritolay.wikia.com

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