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A Blogger Compares Instagram vs Reality Photos, and It’s Too Darn Relatable

Nearly one billion people use Instagram and about 60 million photos are uploaded there every day. And most of these photos are of people and their perfect everyday life moments that they want to share with the world — traveling, shopping, enjoying good food, wearing gorgeous outfits that don’t really correlate with real life.

A woman from Germany, Geraldine West, encourages her followers to not “trust the hype” and shows what is really behind a perfect picture on Instagram. Her project “Instagram vs. Reality” includes hilarious side-by-side pictures of herself that we can all definitely relate to.

Here at Bright Side we absolutely loved this project and decided to share a few pictures with you!

1. How about little kids snorkeling and splashing around or men with beer bellies in the background?

2. In a perfect world you arrive at the station half an hour earlier, don’t have to carry heavy luggage, and never stress about whether you turned off the iron.

3. Pinkeye and a runny nose is what’s really behind perfect spring pictures.

4. The biggest mystery of Instagram — if you’re working out, how come you don’t look sweaty and tortured?

5. Effortless look on the boat — unless you have to row the boat.

6. How nice is it to have quality shopping time for yourself... also, don’t forget to buy groceries, a case of bottled water, and a package of cat litter!

7. The perfect Instagram summer holiday picture includes high heels, even if you’re just in a swimming pool.

8. “Excuse me, where is the influencer fitting room, where one does not look yellowish, greasy, or like a bloated sponge?”

9. True Insta-ladies don’t need toilet paper, they are apparently made of rainbows and Fruit Loops.

10. It’s either fake snow or a big mystery how these Insta-ladies stay so “cool” laying on the freezing ground and don’t have a cold or neck inflammation afterward.

11. Do you also wake up to the sound of birds singing, with eyeliner on, and a fresh croissant in your hand?

12. A true picnic includes sweatpants, sausages, and beer, not champagne and asparagus.

13. Here’s a picture of my perfectly organized wardrobe... and a pile of dirty and crumpled clothes off-screen.

14. True victory is not when you got a nice beachy picture for your Instagram, but when you fall asleep in the sun and don’t get a burn mark.

15. The holiday season in real life is when “you don’t know what day it is and you’re constantly hungry, because your baggy stomach got used to like 6000 calories a day.”

Have you ever tried to create a perfect picture for Instagram? Did you recognize yourself in any of these pictures? Let’s share our stories in the comment section below!

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