A Calendar Devoted to Taxi Drivers, the Silent Heroes Who Keep Cities Moving

There is a group of special people who make big cities like New York run and buzz smoothly day after day. They humbly move hundreds and thousands of people around the city. But each taxi driver is first and foremost an individual with dreams and hobbies, opinions and ideals.

We at Bright Side want to share with you a special calendar that showcases the diversity and depth of the most dedicated workforce. Proceeds from the calendar support education, housing, and wellness opportunities for immigrants and working individuals.

Which month will be your favorite?

January – Fill up the tank for the New Year!

February – Keep it hot, but keep it down.

March – We made it to spring.

April – A fool is not a fool if he is in love.

May...the force be with you.

June – Here we go! The long-awaited summer.

July – It's beach time.

August – What happens in summer, stays in summer.

September – He's having his cake...

October – Down the final stretch!

November – Getting ready for end-of-year bonuses!

December –- When there's no champagne!

So which month is your favorite? Share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Shannon Kirkman
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