A Company Releases Eco-Friendly Underwear That You Don’t Need to Wash for Weeks

Doing laundry is not the most enjoyable household chore, especially considering the fact that dirty underwear pile up in the blink of an eye. A Copenhagen-based brand called Organic Basics has come up with a solution to that — a NASA-inspired, high-tech, eco-friendly pair of underwear that you apparently “won’t need to wash for weeks.”

Bright Side was deeply impressed by this invention and decided to share it with you.

This underwear comes in many different styles, including boxers and thongs. They also make socks, tank tops, and even towels which are made of mechanically recycled nylon from post-industrial waste fiber, yarn from spinning factories, and waste from weaving mills, that takes 80% less water to make and creates 90% fewer CO2 emissions. It also stays fresh much longer due to the added silver, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria and odor in the garment. Adding this metal was inspired by NASA which uses silver to purify water for astronauts.

Organic Basics first opened up shop in 2015, they wanted to create basics that were environmentally responsible and sustainable.

In 2017 the company decided to use crowdfunding to make this idea come to fruition and they raised more than $155,000, becoming the most crowdfunded fashion campaign in Scandinavia. Now Organic Basics are back with a new idea, Silvertech 2.0. — tech-advanced odor-killing underwear that are made from 100% recycled nylon.

So, Silvertech 2.0 is not only created by using sustainable materials, but it cuts down on consumer impact by reducing the need to wash clothes as often. “You save time and money while we reduce the waste of water and energy,” explains Mads Fibiger to Business Insider magazine.

Mads Fibiger, cofounder of Organic Basics explains, “Poor industry standards make the fashion industry the second most polluting industry in the world, but the fact is, two-thirds of the environmental impact of clothing is actually created by the consumer,” meaning the washing and drying.

Organic Basics also states that for every order placed, they’ll remove 100 kilos of CO2 from the atmosphere by investing in the Koru Wind Farm in Canakkale, Turkey.

Would you buy these eco-friendly underwear yourself or do you think there are more useful ways to minimize your environmental impact? We`d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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