A comprehensive list of all the low-cost airlines in the world

A comprehensive list of all the low-cost airlines in the world

You don't have to pay lots of money to travel. Just think of it: there are airlines all over the world that sell their tickets for a price that is lower than that of an intercity bus!

Bright Side has compiled a comprehensive list of the largest low-cost airlines in the world that will take you wherever you wish for a really humble compensation. Don't forget to add it to your bookmarks!

American low-costers

  • Southwest Airlines - the largest low-cost airline in the world by the number of passengers carried. Flights within the US and the Caribbeans.
  • JetBlue - a low-cost American airline that has the highest ratings among US airlines, and the only four-star air carrier in the country.
  • Alaska Air - cheap flights to Alaska.
  • Island Air - inexpensive flights to Hawaii.
  • Virgin America - low costs for flights between the big cities of the West and East Coasts.
  • Fly Frontier - a regional American low-coster.
  • Spirit - another US low-coster.
  • Sun Country - and yet another American low-coster.
  • WestJet - a Canadian low-cost airline and the second largest air carrier in the country. It makes more than 380 daily flights to airports in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbeans.
  • Sunwing Airlines - a Canadian low-coster with flights to the Caribbeans, Canada, and the USA.
  • Porter Airlines - another Canadian low-coster with regular flights between Canada and the USA.
  • Viva Aerobus - cheap flights from Mexico, owned by Ryanair.
  • Volaris - an internal Mexican low-coster.
  • InterJet - a Mexican low-cost airline. It makes both domestic and international flights to the Caribbeans and Central, North, and South America.
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines - a cheap Brazilian airline with flights all over the world - distant travels are still quite pricey, though. However, there are regular cheap flights from Portugal and Spain to Latin America.
  • EasyFly - a Colombian low-coster.
  • Avianca - and another Colombian one.
  • TAME - cheap flights from Ecuador.
  • LATAM - one of the largest airlines in South America, based in Chile with flights over Latin America, Australia and Oceania, the USA, and Europe. Also, it's the only air carrier that makes flights to Easter Island.

  • Virgin Australia - a little bonus - an Australian low-cost airline. It was founded by an English businessman named Richard Branson, and it arranges flights all over the world.

European low-costers

  • Ryanair - by far the largest and cheapest low-coster in Europe where you can buy tickets in advance for a price of 5-10 euros.
  • EasyJet - a British low-cost airline, one of the biggest air carriers in Europe with flights to more than 300 destinations.
  • Norwegian Air - flights within Europe and to the USA from Scandinavian cities. It's the third largest low-cost air carrier in Europe by the air fleet and carrying capacity after Ryanair and EasyJet.
  • Volotea - an Italian low-coster. Volotea has its own feature: you can register on their website and get 10 euros on your account; then you can invite friends and receive an additional 10 euros for each of them. The airline often makes sales with flight prices of 5-10 euros.
  • Germania - for travelers within Germany.
  • Helvetic - a Swiss low-coster.
  • Ukraine International Airlines - here you can often find good prices for flights to Europe and Asia.
  • Anadolujet — a member airline of Turkish Airlines that arranges flights within Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
  • Sun Express - a link between Turkey and German-speaking countries.
  • Corendon - a Turkish low-coster based in Antalya with many flights to Germany.
  • Transavia - a Dutch low-cost airline.
  • Aer Lingus - an Irish low-coster with flights to 190 cities, including the USA and Asia.
  • Blue Air - a Romanian low-coster.
  • Israir Airlines - an Israeli low-coster with flights to Europe.
  • Flybe - the largest independent regional air carrier in Europe that makes flights over 150 routes to 55 airports. It's based in England.
  • Jet2 - a British low-coster.
  • Monarch - another small British low-cost airline.
  • XL Airways - cheap flights to warm countries.
  • Thomson - a popular British low-cost air carrier.
  • WOW Air - yet another British low-coster.
  • Virgin Atlantic - a long-haul British low-coster with flights to North America, the Caribbeans, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, with the main hub in London.

Asian low-costers

  • Air Asia - a Malaysian low-cost air carrier with the long-achieved status of the best low-coster in the world and the largest one in Asia.
  • Tiger Air - a Singapore-Australian based low-cost airline. A good option to get to Australia with a transfer in Asia.
  • Nok Air - a Thai low-cost air carrier based in Bangkok. The company got its name from the Thai word for 'bird.'
  • Jet Airways - the second international air carrier in India. Its planes make about 400 flights to 64 airports daily.
  • IndiGo - a private Indian airline for domestic flights and a laureate of the 'Best domestic low-cost air carrier' award.
  • SpiceJet - a large Indian low-coster with domestic and international flights (Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Oman, and the Maldives).
  • Air India Express - a low-cost Indian airline with headquarters in Mumbai. It carries passengers from airports in India to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
  • Go Air - a low-cost Indian airline based in Mumbai. It makes over 100 flights daily.
  • Vanilla Air - a Japanese low-cost air carrier with flights over Japan and to Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Solasead Air - a Japanese carrier that has recently announced discounts of 65% to foreign tourists, making it the first airline ever to offer discounts to tourists from other countries.
  • Flypeach - a Japanese low-coster with flights over Japan and to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
  • Air Do - domestic flights within Japan.
  • Sky Mark - another Japanese low-coster.
  • Star Flyer - a 'hybrid' Japanese airline - it's somewhere in the middle between low-costers and regular airlines in terms of service.
  • Fire Fly - a Malaysian low-cost airline with flights to Indonesia and Thailand, but it also has flights to London and New Zealand.
  • JetStar - cheap flights to Asia and Australia.
  • Cebu Pacific - the largest air carrier of the Philippines and a low-coster.
  • Air Swift — a tiny Filipino airline that only has flights to three cities - Manila, Cebu, and El Nido.
  • Citi Link - a low-coster connecting 23 cities in Indonesia.
  • Lion Air - the largest private airline in Indonesia with flights to 126 destinations in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Jeju Air - a South Korean low-cost air carrier.
  • Jin Air - another airline of South Korea.
  • Dragon Air - a Hong Kong airline that makes regular passenger flights to 44 destinations in 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Mihin Lanka - a low-coster from Sri Lanka with flights within Hindustani countries, Persian Gulf countries, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.
  • CH.com - a Chinese low-coster.
  • China United - a private Chinese company that makes regular and charter flights within the country.
  • Juneyao Airlines - another Chinese domestic low-coster.
  • Lucky Air - and yet another Chinese domestic airline.
  • Scoot - a Singaporean low-cost air carrier with flights all over Asia.
  • Air Blue - a Pakistani commercial airline.
  • Shaheen Air - regular and charter passenger and freight flights between big cities of the Persian Gulf.
  • VietJet Air - an international low-coster in Vietnam.
  • Bahrain Аir - an airline in Bahrain with flights to Turkey, Egypt, India, and the Middle East.
  • Jazeera Airways - a low-coster from Kuwait.
  • NAS Air - a Saudi Arabian air carrier.

African low-costers

  • Fastjet - a British low-cost airline making flights to Africa.
  • Mango - a South African low-cost air carrier.
  • Kulula - another South African airline with low prices and flights all over the continent.
  • Fly540 - flights over Kenya, Tanzania, and South Sudan.
  • Jambojet - a young Kenyan low-cost air carrier.
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