A Crucial Reason to Open the Window Shades on a Plane

At take-off and before landing, flight attendants always ask us to open the window shades. Have you ever wondered why you can't leave the window shuttered?

Bright Side has found the reason why you shouldn't neglect this requirement.

Take-off and landing are considered the stages when accidents are most likely to occur, and everything should be fully controlled by the crew. Windows help them look outside, notice if anything out of the ordinary happens, and report it.

During day flights, the main lights onboard are off at take-off and landing, and the windows are the only source of light. Besides, when the shades are up, your eyes will get used to daylight, and it'll be easier to find your way in case of emergency.

Rescue workers will be able to see what's going on inside the plane through the windows and make the right decision on further actions.

The plastic window shades can become a source of injury. If a landing is hard, the plastic can break, and shards may hurt your face or other body parts.

Per the instructions, the cabin crew only have 90 seconds to evacuate the passengers, so it's better not to neglect the safety rules onboard. It's not that hard to pull up the shades.

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