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A French Bookstore Mixes Their Customer’s Faces With Book Covers, and the Results Are Oddly Satisfying

Everyone wants to visit their local bookstore to browse through their favorite section, pick a book, buy it, and then go home. Interestingly enough, there’s a bookstore in France which took their customers’ visiting experience to the next level. They take the relevant book covers and align them with their customers’ faces, and the results are surprisingly entertaining.

Here at Bright Side, we found the most interesting photographs they’ve taken with peoples’ faces and book covers and we wanted to share them with you as well.

1. A newborn baby-adult yawning

2. The nails and a beret are coincidentally a perfect match.

3. The title reads, To the Youth Folly

4. The Bob’s Burger resemblance is remarkable!

5. Shiny hair and a whole new identity

6. The visual representation of brainwashing

7. Comic book characters transforming into real people

8. The true Queen of Quiches is really hungry.

9. The humoristic side of politics in a whole new picture

10. Marrying the old with the new

11. Double trouble

12. Surrealism comes to life!

13. The book title reads, One Life Like All the Others

14. When braided cultures merge together:

15. Combining elegance and the everyday

16. This book cover meets a new character...

17. Angels See Red

18. A whole pictorial archive on someone’s head

19. Vintage meets the contemporary

20. A girl and a painting become a whole new picture

21. A fine line between reality and fiction

22. When trick photography meets literature:

23. The world is changing but not their faces.

24. The Star Wars paradox

25. Perfect hair, perfect color, perfect match

What are your thoughts about these images? Would you like to visit this bookstore? Please let us know in the comments below!

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