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A Guy From the US Creates Hilarious Fake Products and Places Them in Stores, and the Internet Can’t Get Enough

Text-intervention is the art of mocking and intervening with someone’s text or sign in order to turn it into something else, sometimes something surreal and original at the same time. US comedian Jeff Wysaski took it upon himself to create labels and products that suit our reality much better than the advertisements we see. With a humorous twist, he is able to alter captions of supermarket products to accurately describe our current reality.

Bright Side collected some of the funniest products he created and then placed on supermarket shelves and we wanted to share them with our readers!

1. Take the quickest shower and save time with Febreze.

2. A divorce poncho so that you can confidently get out there!

3. Introducing human tears to stay crydrated.

4. “She dreams in mustard. She dreams in bread. Can’t find a better ham.”

5. Mmm, people meat for a BBQ!

6. 16 sauces in one — for your people meat.

7. Frozen food for lazy people

8. The best game for your little brother when you are away...

9. This yogurt is sending us mixed signals:

10. This is the most honest advertisement for a phone:

11. Now you can sweat confidently with a hint of sadness!

12. Products that nobody ever asked for:

13. Girl Scout cookies that apologize in advance and they are shocked that they are not cookies.

14. Sports balls: The best game for a kid who doesn’t love sports.

15. Just throw your anger away but try not to hurt anyone.

16. What do you mean “buns not included?”

17. Tee-hee, no hats, no pants...

18. This sounds awful... We’ll take 7.

19. This game is every mom’s dream:

20. This is the reality of how expensive healthcare is:

Which of these products made you laugh the most? Please let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this with your family or friends to make their day!

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