A Guy Recreates Movie Costumes From Scratch, and the Result Is Too Funny

We have all wanted to dress up like a cosplayer at least once, but the prices for some of the costumes might have stopped us. But this guy found a way around this problem and figured out how to do low-budget cosplay. And now everyone can afford it!

We at Bright Side chose 30 of Anucha Sangchart's low-cost cosplay ideas for you.

30. That's a nice role-playing game.

29. We never thought that toothpaste could become an octopus.

28. What is all this stuff?

27. The toilet brush looks most exquisite here.

26. The "Darth-do" haircut

25. No-face is actually a toe.

24. Can't decide which ones look the best...

23. This is simple and brilliant!

22. This Cheshire cat is the cutest!

21. Genie?

20. A new species of E.T.? They call him Nasal-E.T.!

19. Now I'm going to have nightmares every time I look at my iron.

18. If these are onion rings, then I want them!

17. Shoe-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

16. A cheeky cosplay idea

15. Now chicken noodles don't look as tasty as before.

14. When you don't feel like eating pasta, become Rapunzel!

13. A new way to recycle bottles

12. Nose-plane

11. That's blow-drying cool!

10. Tape-man!

9. Joker has always scared me.

8. It's all in the splash of a second.

7. They lied all this time that the Oscar is made of gold.

6. The Foot is the simplest cosplay outfit.

5. Laser eye

4. Bart Simpson a.k.a Rubber Glove

3. Captain Fan will save the world!

2. New ramen dish...mmm...

1. When a PC mouse starred in The Terminator:

Now you've seen what this guy can create. Please tell us in the comments if you have your own ideas for low-cost cosplay costumes!

Preview photo credit Lowcostcosplay/Facebook
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