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A Journalist Claims That Social Media Is Spying on Us to Target Ads

There are more and more weird coincidences when without even googling something, we find products advertised on Facebook that we were just talking about with friends. Some people think that it’s a conspiracy theory while others don’t pay any attention to it. But the question about ad targeting is still being talked about.

We at Bright Side are also curious about this topic and found some more coincidences to explore.

Journalist Tyler Mears is convinced Facebook is spying on us. She came to this conclusion after 2 advertisements popped up randomly. “It all started when I needed to partner and I, having recently bought a campervan, were talking about female urination devices and how useful they would be for the van,” Mears explained.

They both giggled at that time, but it was a surprise that the next day ads for these unusual things appeared on her timeline. A urination device popped up as an e-commerce ad on her Facebook. After that, her mom saw the same urination device ad the following day.

Users on Reddit actively discuss this topic. Gundeeep says that they were having a conversation about going to Kerela for a vacation and wrote, “And in some time I could see Facebook ads for travel packages to Kerela. Was it a coincidence??”

JunkPeddler noticed that while having dinner with his family, his uncle who drives a BMW and had to take an Uber said the words, “The BMW won’t start. I need to take it to a mechanic.” That was the only conversation they had about it. After that, the guy got ads for BMW mechanics in his area on Facebook.

Earlier, Adelaide Bracey from Australia also spotted ads for saunas appearing on her Facebook page after chatting to close friends about hot tubs. She says that she didn’t Google it and it just popped up on her Facebook.

Despite all those weird coincidences, there is still no solid evidence and the conspiracy theory just remains a theory. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg keeps denying that the social network uses our phones’ microphone to spy and listen to our conversations.

Recently, there were many of these types of incidents when Facebook users complained of being presented with advertisements. Some users were advertised palm readings, sandwich makers and mobile phones after having had conversations about them.

In case you want to protect your phone against spying, we can suggest several options:

For an iPhone:

  • Go to “settings”, scroll down to Facebook and tap it.
  • Pick “settings”.
  • Turn off the slider for “microphone”.

For an Android:

  • Go to “settings” and swipe over to “personal”.
  • Tap “privacy and safety”.
  • Tap “app permissions”.
  • Tap “microphone”.
  • Find Facebook and turn the slider to “off”.

Have you experienced anything similar? Please leave your opinion and share your experience with us!

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