A Model Compared How Men and Women Over 50 Look on Magazine Covers, and We Can’t Keep Silent About It

A British actress and model named Jameela Jamil posted several covers of famous magazines on her Twitter account. She drew everyone’s attention to how different famous men and women over 50 look.

We at Bright Side think that the topic Jameela raised is very important and that’s why we would like to share it with you.

The actress chose the cover of Men’s Journal with a 50-year-old Josh Brolin for analysis.

Tatler with a 51-year-old Nicole Kidman

Time with the 57-year-old George Clooney who was 47 at the time this photo was taken

InStyle with a 51-year-old Sandra Bullock

Jameela noticed that men look their age, while women look younger thanks to makeup and Photoshop.

“An example of Photoshop being weaponized against women: Look at the difference. Men who age are sexy in HD. Women mostly just shouldn’t dare age. Men can celebrate the inevitable, we must fear it,” the actress wrote.

The above examples are not the only ones. At almost each photo session, women over 50 surprise us with their unnaturally smooth skin and an appearance that 30-year-old young ladies can envy. However, they never remove men’s wrinkles with Photoshop and even emphasize their age changes.

For example, here’s one of the recent photos of a 58-year-old Julianne Moore.

And this is how she looks in real life. There is nothing so scary that it should be edited with the help of Photoshop!

Colin Firth is also 58 but no one is trying to make him look younger in photos.

The wrinkles of a 54-year-old Brad Pitt are also not hidden.

However, 54-year-old Monica Bellucci has perfect skin on the cover of Esquire.

It’s 63-year-old Willem Dafoe’s face that gets the main focus during photo sessions.

The face of a 60-year old Madonna can hardly be seen on the “Vogue” cover. Why do they make women feel ashamed of their age and wrinkles?

Each of these wrinkles is unique. It’s the trace of hundreds of thousands of smiles like, for example, 60-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer’s wrinkles...

...that have been removed on the cover of Interview and made the actress lose her individuality.

No one gets the idea to edit male faces this much.

Jameela Jamil explained that this topic is very personal for her. The girl used to admire the photos of actresses and models in fashion magazines. She wanted to match this unreachable ideal so much that she started to exhaust herself with various diets. Today, Jameela understands that all these women look much different from what is depicted on magazine covers.

Jameela is sure that we should all remember the harmful influence Photoshop has on us and to support magazines that don’t make us feel ashamed of our appearances.

We agree with the author’s point of view because there is nothing more beautiful than naturalness. Do you agree with us? Please let us know your opinion in the comments!

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