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A New Beauty Trend Outraged Thousands of Internet Users, and Now People Are Divided Into Two Camps

Famous New York makeup artist Nam Vo recently shared some interesting advice on how to get a beautiful portrait photo with her followers and fashion enthusiasts. In essence, when posing for a photo you should stretch the skin at your temple with your hand. The recommendation is quite simple, yet effective: cheekbones look more defined, brows uplifted, and your face looks younger. But the response of some internet users turned out to be really unexpected.

Bright Side decided to find out the details of this story and share them with you. Take a look at what creativity and rich fantasy might turn into.

Photos taken from this angle can be easily found in celebrity accounts.

Even Nam demonstrates this advantageous pose:

No wonder ordinary internet users reacted to her advice as a call to action.

Internet users started to upload their “glamorous” photos.

It’s worth noting that this pose was named “the migraine pose” by the makeup artist. Apparently, Nam relied exclusively on her own perception of how someone with a migraine looks.

Soon many internet users decided to enlighten people about the true situation. In particular, what people suffering from headaches actually look like.

“How’s my #migrainepose?”

A migraine is the 3rd most common disease in the world. It is one of the heaviest neurological diseases that is often characterized by severe, pulsing pain on a certain side of the head.

It can lead to complications in the form of epileptic seizures and strokes.

“The real #migrainepose involves a dark room, isolation from family, ice packs, throw up bowls, dizziness, difficulty talking and finding words, and sensitivity to light, smell, touch and sounds.”

“2 years of constant migraines... I had to drop out of school, I’ve tried 30+ medications, and been hospitalized multiple times.”

“I fight every day to feel normal and pain-free.”

“This is the unedited reality of living with a chronic migraine, featuring all the medications I take for this lifelong, chronic, and debilitating illness.”

“It’s excruciating pain so bad you wish you could remove your eye and/or head.”

“I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.”

“I’ve suffered every day for 10 years non-stop... People have lost their jobs, family, friends, and their lives to this disease. Yes, many commit suicide.”

These posts have given a real face to what a migraine literally looks like and what a person suffering from this disease really feels.

Nam Vo made a public apology on her Instagram page and explained that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. The woman was really touched by the people’s stories.

Nevertheless, during the debate people shared a lot of funny parodies of “glamorous” photos.

What do you think about these actions, and the trends and buzz around them? Who do you think benefits more — the protesters or the short-sighted creators of these trends? Share your opinion in the comments.

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