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A New Google App Can Find Your Secret Fine Art Doppelgänger in Any Museum in the World

The Google Arts & Culture app has recently launched a new feature that allows you to find your art doppelgänger in any gallery or art museum in the world. The feature is currently available in several countries, including the US.

Take a look at these selfies and their art matches. We at Bright Side are sure that each of us is a unique piece of art worthy of the best canvas.

1. More than a 39% match!

2. The King of Spain

3. When you want to buy some alcohol and they ask for your ID:

4. Not bad, Google.

5. Vincent van Gogh, is that you?

6. Rebecca

7. A selfie and a self-portrait

8. Yeah, they totally match.

9. These 2 have some subtle similar features.

10. It's kind of a scary match.

11. That moment when you shave off your beard and look in the mirror...

12. We're disappointed in both pictures.

13. "I’ve taken like 20 selfies with the app and got this horrifying guy as my top result every single time!"

14. Look, these ladies are so nice.

15. We don't think she expected to see this guy.

16. 100% match with writer Frederick Douglass. Looks like this guy had a doppelgänger in the 19th century.

17. When you wake up and test the app everyone's talking about:

18. Modern art

19. It's all about their smiles.

20. We think they're more than a 53% match.

21. We can't think of any other painting that might be a better match.

Which pair do you think had the best match results? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit kumailn/twitter
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