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A New Trend to Decorate Christmas Trees With Sunflowers Is Making Everyone Go “Wow”

Joining the best of both the worlds, people are now decorating their Christmas trees with sunflowers in the latest internet trend that's going viral. The idea is to spice up the look of our usual green Christmas trees by adding vibrant sunflowers along with baubles and other ornaments, and the result is simply magical.

We at Bright Side are loving the new tree style and would recommend that you try it out for yourself this coming Christmas and put your creativity on display. Below are pictures of some amazing Christmas trees you can draw inspiration from:

1. "Our little Sunflowers"

2. Just the perfect combination of everything

3. "Featuring this year's spin on a Christmas tree"

4. Small white tree with big sunflowers is a good idea too.

5. Tie a red bow at the top of the tree to make it more beautiful.

6. Most elegant tree you'll see today

7. Let your creativity flow, don't hold back.

8. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

9. Sunflower Christmas tree in its full glory

10. For the ones who like it short and simple

11. "Is this acceptable for Christmas?" Yes, please!

12. If you prefer a large tree, this is how you can decorate it.

Bonus - More unique tree ideas

1. Unicorn lovers, this is the tree for you.

2. When it's Christmas time, but you are still not over Halloween.

3. Put your love for Snow White on display.

4. For the ones obsessed with pink

5. Pineapple tree, the coolest one to ever exist.

6. Bring the blue skies and stars to your room with a blue tree.

7. Eco-friendly, easy, and minimal

8. Christmas tree made out of pom-poms

9. "A Christmas tree at the Langham Place Hotel in NYC"

10. "Rain-W😲W!"

Do you like decorating for Christmas? Have you ever put up a tree that was out of the ordinary and ditched the traditional green one? Let us see your gorgeous trees in the comments!