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A Pastry Chef From Russia Creates Fantastical Cakes

Elena Gnut's Instagram page has more than 140,000 subscribers. She is a 31-year-old pastry chef from Kaliningrad. Elena creates unbelievably attractive cakes. In her free time, the artist loves traveling and never forgets about her workouts. That's why the myth that all pastry chefs are overweight is not true and Elena proves it! Elena is not afraid of experimenting with different themes and topics: You can find a cake that looks like a book with flowers and leaves on the pages or even ones with Deadpool or Batman. It's very fun to look at them and we invite you to enjoy these edible masterpieces as well!

Bright Side has collected 17 of the most impressive works by this talented pastry chef. The photos are very inspiring!

An elegant flamingo

Elena with the perfect wedding cake

A delicious piece of meat

A Deadpool cake made with love

A charming unicorn

A cake book for an ecologist

A kiss

When it feels like spring:

Elsa from Frozen

A book with pages that come alive


A perfect strawberry

Batman is resting.

The cutest stork

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Moby Dick?

A great white cake

We were especially impressed by the book cake. Which of her creations did you like the best?

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