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A Photoshop Guru Trolls Users and They Seem to Enjoy It

A photoshop guru James Fridman trolls users who ask him to make something special out of an ordinary photo. We would really love to know if the people who send him their photos actually expect to get something serious or if they just want to have a good laugh!

Bright Side collected some of the artist's last works. Every single picture shows that James has a great sense of humor.

14. "Hi, James! We like the same boy and I want to send this photo to him. Can you make it so that I look great and the other girl in the black shoes looks bad? Thank you!"

13. "Hey! Can you please make this picture look less awkward and edit our the wet floor sign? Thanks!"

12. "Hi, James! Could you make it look like my boyfriend is actually petting the ducks? He would be so happy! Thanks a bunch!"

11. "Hi, James, could you please make me a real superhero? I'd love it!"

10. "I love your work. And I was wondering if you could make my arms bigger in this picture? Thank you and keep up the good work!"

9. "Hi, Jamie! Someone told me that this picture looks like we're on the set of a Jurrasic Park movie, can you put some dinosaurs in this picture, please?"

8. "Could you put me somewhere cooler? Perhaps guarding the gates of Hell?"

7. "Hey, James! I love your photoshopping skills! I was wondering if you could, by any chance, make it look like something is about to hit me from behind?"

6. "Hi! Can you put the Hollywood sign a little bit closer? Thanks!"

5. "I love your Photoshop work. Could you please make it so my boyfriend's armpit hair doesn't show? It's grossing me out. Thanks"

4. "Hi James, I was wondering if you could make it look like I'm not sitting on the edge of the bench. There were several of us sitting and they stood up but we didn't scoot down."

3. "Hey, can you help my brother not look tired? Thanks."

2. "Hi, James. Could you remove the bald man's head?"

1. "Hey, James. Can you make it so we are not looking in the same direction? Thanks, man."

Which photo would you send to James to edit? Share with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit James Fridman
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