A “Photoshop Hero” Tells the Unexpected Truth Behind Social Media Photos

Have you ever looked at the pictures on social media or in magazines and thought, "Wow! I will never look like that!" You are not alone. According to studies, we are all affected by media images of people and society. And not in a good way.

Bright Side decided to tell you about a person who is trying to change the game.

One of the most disturbing tools of mass media that influences body image is Photoshop.

Well, a Chinese Photoshopper – who goes by the name of @Kanahoooo – decided to show exactly how it works. By the way, the media calls this person a "Photoshop Hero."

She made a name for herself by remaking people's pictures from their dating profiles, telling you to "never trust what you see online."

She has over 400,000 followers and "works" on girls and guys in equal measures.

There might be a reason why a talent like hers has developed in China: the media pressure is deemed to sometimes be extreme in countries like China, Korea, and Singapore.

The pressure to be beautiful, young, and somewhat easygoing often puts people in the position of having to hire someone to make their online image closer to the "standard."

Magazines also put pressure on young and old audiences by implying that you can achieve anything and be happy if you are your absolute perfect self.

But from once being a "specialists-only" editing tool, Photoshop has come into the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Men as much as women.

Even selfies get "tuned up."

The "Photoshop Hero" reveals a cautionary tale for anybody who has ever wanted to compare themselves to an online image.

Even if you see a pretty child on the cover of a magazine, it could always be a trick like this:

Even the most beautiful pictures can have an interesting truth behind them:

If you want to really know someone, meet them in person and decide from there.


And remember – other things you see online can always be a fraud, so try not to read into them too much.

We at Bright Side also wanted to remind you to look instead at the inner beauty of people. In this article, for example.

Preview photo credit kanahoooo
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