A Study Shows That Women Have a Better Memory Than Men, Which Explains Why They Always Know Where Your Shirt Is

When it comes to memories, it seems like women have the superpower to recall all of them. They remember who said what, where their partner left their shirt, and what they ordered at a restaurant 3 months ago. And science has proven that women truly have a better ability to memorize people, places, and emotions. Sometimes it feels like women know everything and they become real lifesavers when someone needs important information.

We at Bright Side suspect that women and men perceive the world slightly differently and this research proved our assumptions to be true. We can’t wait to shed some light on the results of this fascinating study and discuss them with you.

There are cognitive gender differences.

Women joke that their husbands wouldn’t leave the house if it wasn’t for them since they’d fail to find all the clothes they’d need to get ready for work. And research proves that in this case there may be a grain of truth here. Psychologists found that the way men and women remember things is different. Women have better episodic memory that helps them remember people, locations of objects, and conversations they’ve had more clearly.

Women are better with words.

To prove this assumption to be true, researchers from the Karolinska Institute analyzed 617 studies from 1973 to 2013 with over 1.2 million participants in total. They came to the conclusion that women have better cognitive abilities when it comes to remembering verbal information. Women can better recall words, texts, conversations, and movies. They also easily spot out objects and know exactly where certain things are placed.

They remember all the conversations.

Researchers from Cornell’s College of Human Ecology conducted another experiment. They sent the participants 3 text messages during the week asking them to describe their last 30 minutes in as much detail as possible. At the end of the week, they asked participants to share what they remembered about these events. Women recalled more memories that were more socially oriented. They paid more attention to people, emotions, and conversations they’d had in comparison to men.

But men have an incredible sense of direction.

However, men have their strengths too. Researchers concluded that men are better at remembering information that is connected to spatial processing. It’s easier for them to recall abstract images and they have a better sense of direction. Men are good at remembering surroundings and it’s easier for them to find their way from one place to another.

Do you agree with the study? Have the results confirmed your personal experiences? We'd love to read your stories in the comments.

Illustrated by Marat Nugumanov for Bright Side
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