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A Thai Supermarket Uses Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging, and This Small Step Changes a Lot

Plastic is a killer in many ways. While this is a cheap, easily available, disposable material, it’s harmful — and not just for the human body. It is turning into a death trap for oceans and marine life. While most of us feel that this is a material we can’t do without in our daily lives, especially when it comes to groceries, some Asian supermarkets have introduced a creative new way of packaging and it’s completely bio-degradable and good for the environment.

We at Bright Side care for the environment and explored how this exciting idea is helping protect and sustain it.

Each day, we mindlessly use plastic in so many ways — from the bags our groceries come in, to the bottles we drink water in. Little do we realize how toxic this material can be, both to the environment and to our lives. Over the decades, plastic has been discovered to be closely linked to falling fertility rates in men and breast cancer in women.

Plastic trash in the oceans

For marine life, plastic is slowly turning their habitat into a watery grave. These poor creatures eat plastic assuming it’s food, or it enters their nostrils and bodies and clogs airways ultimately causing death. What more is it going to take for us to take notice of this and stop the usage of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic?

Thankfully, Rimping Market in Thailand came up with an incredible idea to reduce plastic consumption. The store started wrapping produce in banana leaves instead! In these pictures, you can see how this green revolution is taking place and how it’s been adopted by markets in Vietnam and Hanoi as well.

This method of packaging looks just as good as the good it does.

Markets in other countries are also following this trend.

Lotte Mart in Vietnam is also going the green route by using banana leaves instead of plastic wrap on their fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they’re also stocking up on paper straws and storage boxes made from sugarcane waste. They have started using paper packages instead of plastic boxes for the sale of eggs.

Banana leaves are used instead of plastic.

Banana leaves are a great alternative to plastic because they are organic and completely degradable — this means they break down into the soil and earth. The supermarkets have simply used these leaves which are long and can be used to roll stuff up in. The packages are then secured with a flexible bit of bamboo. There does appear to be a bit of small plastic used to secure the name labels on each of the packages — but it still does reduce the actual usage of the material significantly.

Data shows that only 9% of plastic is recycled for every 9 billion tons produced. This figure is enough to drop jaws but taking that extra step to reduce the usage of plastic is the need of the hour and these supermarkets have taken the lead to make a change. Let us follow suit and do our part as well.

What other ways do you think plastic use can be reduced? Do you think your local stores can use the same way of wrapping their goods?

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