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A Woman Spent 3 Years Reconstructing an Old Bus and Now It Looks Cooler Than Any Cozy Family Home

Jessie Lipskin couldn't find an apartment for rent that she was satisfied with, so she decided to build her own dream house. She made a really unusual choice: Jessie bought an old 1966 school bus on eBay (the same model that Keanu Reeves was driving in Speed, the iconic movie of the 90s). The main reason for this purchase was Jessie's desire to live an eco-friendly life and not to get attached to a certain place. She spent several years turning the old bus into eye-candy similar to those on interior design magazine covers. The final result is definitely worth taking a look at because it ended up to be one of the coziest mobile homes there is.

Bright Side, with pleasure, shares this story that proves that a perfect home not only exists in magazines, but you can actually build it with your own hands. Let's take a look and get inspired to make small or big changes in our own apartments.

This is what a bus of the same model and the same production year looks like. It's similar to the one Jessie bought. However, her future home was in a much worse state. According to Jessie, the hardest part of the renovation was the search for people who could help her with the things she couldn't do: good plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.

It was a really hard, labor-intensive, and quite an unusual process. The restoration of the mobile home isn't the same as the restoration of a normal apartment.

The level measurements were pretty useless because the inclination of the bus would depend on its position. They had to measure the angles instead, that's why the end of the project was postponed.

It took Jessie 3 years to renovate the bus and turn it into what it looks like now. The final result was totally worth the time spent. Take a look at its wonderful interior design!

I won't be hard to wake up early in the morning to such a wonderful view.

The bus is equipped with a small bright bathroom that has a shower cabin and a toilet. The shower drain is connected to a water tank attached to the bottom of the bus.

A cozy kitchen

There's even some space to organize a mini-library.

A convenient closet

A bright living room

Nice details of the interior

This is the lucky owner of the mobile home. Jessie did a great job and got what she wanted - her own house. It's her own place where she can live a minimal-waste life that won't harm nature. Plus, she can change the place of living any time she wants - she just needs to start the engine and drive to a whole new adventure.

Do you like Jessie's house? Would you want to live in a house like this?

Preview photo credit Tiny Home Big Living / facebook
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