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Absurd and Weird Coincidences That Raise More Questions Than Answers

There are so many surprising things in this world and sometimes we can't figure out whether it's just an amazing coincidence or if the matrix has malfunctioned. You could meet your doppelganger on a bus or see a guy with the same haircut in the airport. When something like this happens, you should just grab your phone and take a picture because no one will believe you otherwise.

Bright Side gathered the funniest coincidences that could happen to anyone. You just need to have a closer look at the things around you.

It was staring at me from a locker.

Nice t-shirt

My kid saw a movie ad and said, 'It looks like us!'

This welcome mat fits the floor tile perfectly.

No lies this time.

This shadow looks like a pirate's eyepatch.

It's said that everyone has a doppelganger. This man has just found his.

"A stranger came up to me and told me we had the same hair. Then asked to take a pic and sent it to me."

"My sister adopted a cat. Look at them!"

Purrfect timing

Have you ever seen this type of centaur?

Long hair or mane?

— Boy, I'm your father!

— No!

Something's definitely wrong with parrots.

Black cats are strange too.

Siamese dog twins

Have you ever noticed any hilarious coincidences? Share your findings with us in the comments!

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