Ads Are Made to Persuade Us to Buy Things....But These Ads Are to Be Admired

An advertisement is an engine for trade. It’s also a source of creativity, good humor, and irony. How else could you explain the tremendous popularity of Cannes Lions?

Bright Side gathered awesome pieces of evidence to prove this. Let’s enjoy them together. Let us know which one you like the most!

15. An installation for the launch of the movie Alice in Wonderland

14. An ad for wine tasting

"The Spirit of Wine"

13. A Guinness ad

12. Social anti-corruption advertising

"Corruption must be spotted"

11. Audi rain sensors

"When it rains heavy, things get scary."

10. McDonald’s billboard

Sundial menu

9. Pepper spray ad

8. JBL headphones and earbuds

"Block out the chaos."

7. A very original approach from Pedigree

"When your kids leave home, replace them."

6. Game of Thrones outdoor advertising

"In case of White Walkers — break glass"

5. This Audi billboard in Brussels puts pedestrians in the spotlight.

4. Tabasco sauce ad

It’s so hot.

3. Listerine mouthwash ad

2. Ахе outdoor ad

The Axe effect in real life

1. Schick razor ad

Bonus: This is not an ad but a contest idea. Too bad.

Share your favorite advertisement in the comments!

Preview photo credit thespiritofwine, guinness
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