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All of this happens during just one day on Earth

Most of us can’t comprehend how many unbelievable things happen in just 24 short hours. For some living things this is a whole lifetime, and we don’t even notice they’re there. For us at

, that seems like the perfect reason to appreciate every single day of our lives.

  • Each day, 365,000 new human beings arrive on our planet.
  • Around 18 million people will celebrate their birthday.
  • There will be 8.6 million lightning strikes.
  • Every tree will provide enough oxygen for two of the planet’s inhabitants.
  • 142,000 new cars will roll off the conveyer belt. If they were parked one behind the other, they would stretch the entire length of the road from Berlin to Stuttgart, or about 512 kilometres.
  • People in China will harvest 510,000 tonnes of rice.
  • The world’s chickens will lay 190 million eggs.
  • The world’s inhabitants will flush the toilet 22 billion times. This is enough water for half the global population to take a bath.
  • 40,000 trees will be cut down to make paper bags, and another 27,000 will be felled to make toilet paper.
  • On average, each one of us will laugh 15 times.
  • Your heart will beat 104,000 times.
  • On average, each person will earn $16.
  • Astronauts on the International Space Station will sneeze around 100 times, because dust in zero-gravity floats around in the air rather than gathers on surfaces.
  • Each person will inhale around 23,000 times.
  • 93,000 rats will be born in London alone.
  • 150-200 different kinds of plants, insects, birds and mammals will become extinct because of ecological damage.
  • Each of us will take, on average, 8,000 steps.
  • Each bat will eat 1,000 insects.
  • There will be 7 separate earthquakes and 18,000 storms around the world.
  • Each person will spend around 12 minutes in the shower.
  • Our bodies will lose and reproduce up to 50 trillion cells.
  • On average, each person will spend 20 minutes in the toilet.
  • Your hair will grow 0.35 millimetres. At the same time, you will lose between 40 and 100 hairs.
  • Each of us will say about 48,000 words.
  • 15 million cigarettes will be sold around the world.
  • A mayfly will live out its entire life.
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