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An Italian Hospital Has Created a Beach to Keep Hospitalized Children Entertained

Today’s hospitals are continuously finding new ways to help cheer up their patients, especially their smallest ones, with things like pets or art therapy. One hospital in Genoa decided to go the extra mile and give kids in their care something they would never expect...a day at the beach. And they did this by “creating” their own beach.

We at Bright Side love helping children around the world, so we’re sharing this story about how hospital workers were able to do something special for some deserving kids.

The Gaslini Pediatric Institute of Genoa has a Recreational Club that decided to do something special for its younger patients and, thinking outside of the box, helped construct a pavilion tunnel to a “lido,” a part of the sea sectioned off as a private swimming area.

Naming the area, “Gaslini Beach,” doctors believe that exposing children to fresh air and sunlight could work as part of a heliotherapeutic, or sun-based, treatment. The sea air is also believed to have many health benefits: helping kids recover energy, strengthen bones, and even improve their immune systems. Finally, they also felt that giving the kids a day of fun could help both their mental and physical health, especially helping kids deal with anxiety or depression.

The private beach is open from June to September and is free of charge for the children and their adult caretakers, as long as they receive permission from their doctors. The children are also provided with umbrellas, tables, and deck chairs. In addition to having fun in the sea, there are other games set up for them, like beach soccer. Not only is there a lifeguard, but the kids are also supervised during their fun.

In 2018, it’s believed that around 300 children enjoyed the beach. Other people are allowed to access the beach, but they are required to pay a fee. This includes pensioners, families, and hospital employees. In 2019, visitors to the beach increased by 50% from the previous year.

What are some other ways you know of that hospitals help make children feel comfortable or even enjoy their stay? Please share them with us in the comments.

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