An Ordinary Guy Inserts Himself Into Famous Photos of Celebrities, and It’s the Funniest Thing You Will See Today

Some Photoshop masters are insanely talented. They do their job so skillfully that we can only admire their art. But Average Rob is really good at "comic Photoshop," and he calls himself a "mediocre dude from Belgium." Rob puts himself into celebrity photos, and Beyoncé, Eminem, Britney Spears, and Brad Pitt are on his radar. The result can get rather ridiculous!

Bright Side collected photos that will put you in a great mood for the whole day.

24. Oops! Wrong suit for a family photo!

23. Katy, I told you that I'm not that sort of Kansas farm boy!

22. Hanging with Brangelina. The rest of you are all losers!

21. Baby, I love you! Not your LEGO!

20. When can we go swimming? I've been waiting for you for ages.

19. Oh no! A healthy lifestyle is not for me.

18. A new national pride. Hmm, but can you help me tie a knot properly?

17. Still BFF with Eminem. Dude, wake me up when it's my bus stop.

16. Guys, don't you wanna snorkel for a bit?

15. Yep, I grew up, but I want you to carry me. Pleeeeease!

14. Eating noodles right from 2049!

13. Thanks, bro. You saved me again.

12. OMG! Konnor is on my car. OK, I'll stay inside. Nothing's wrong.

11. OK, fellas, let's take one more photo and save Titanic.

10. That moment when you see a Big Mac burger...but you're on a diet...

9. The greatest partymaker of all time!

8. I'm a superhero too...just without a big "S" on my T-shirt.

7. I'm working with bae in our new open space.

6. But where will I sleep?

5. WOW, the UK is so hospitable!

4. Lovely new Christmas elf!

3. Macklemore, give me back my bike!

2. Rob is not just a good Photoshopper...he's also a great stylist.

1. STOOOP! It wasn't me! You shaved yourself!

Which photo did you like the most? Tell us!

Preview photo credit AverageRob/Instagram
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