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An Unbeatable Sense of Humor and Wit Can Solve Just About Any Problem

There are real geniuses living among us! They’re very inventive when solving common problems that other people would just give up on. As a result, we get true masterpieces of human ingenuity.

Here are 18 inventions that Bright Side uses to remind everyone that any problem can be solved when given enough persistence.

18. New use for pot holes

17. When you want to watch the game outside but you don’t have a screen:

16. A beach playpen for a child

15. “My clever girlfriend found another use for the miner.”

14. A bag you’ll never lose

13. “I forgot my fork at home...does this count as a hack?”

12. When you’re too lazy to put new logs in the fire:

11. “Forgot the old hard hat at home.”

10. When you’re a caring father deep down inside:

9. When you’re having a very serious conversation:

8. How do you like these flip flops?

7. A treadmill from the middle ages

6. A true basketball player is ready to sacrifice anything.

5. This is how you fix a broken computer:

4. “My boyfriend fixed the lid like this.”

3. “You could be onto something here!”

2. “My boss complained about my coworker’s hair being too long. So she fixed the problem.”

1. When you can’t find a sink in the right size:

Have you ever found an original solution to a difficult problem? Tell us in the comment section below!

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