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Bizarre Sights That Make Us Ask: Why?

People do lots of weird things. How do you feel about shaving your tongue or going barefoot to the mall? Do you also make sure that there are no ghosts under your bed before you go to sleep? As our article shows, sometimes it's super difficult to explain some actions from a rational point of view.

Bright Side has gathered a hilarious compilation of weird things. If you know what is going on there, share your guess with us, because we are desperate to find out.

1. If you are not coming for tea, it will come for you.

2. If you're thirsty, feel free to use it.

3. I told my brother he could eat half of my grapes.

4. Is this the newest anti-theft system?

5. Now you know that eating without plates is not a good idea.

6. Do you have any idea why this abandoned phone booth is full of bread?

7. When you are a biker on the outside, but a Roman on the inside.

8. I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world...

9. I think I am never going to go this way again.

10. I doubt that I'll ever want to smell like fresh chicken.

11. These mountains are going to be there for millions of years. But I can't say the same about this sign.

12. This is why you should never forget about your rice cooker:

13. When you think about privacy on the Internet:

14. That's one way to pot your plants.

15. When you wake up late but are satisfied that you've been able to prepare adequately for the day.

16. No one in my family remembers who this is or what he was doing at my parent's anniversary party.

17. This happens when you park your car near a building that had a massive fire:

18. Well... It seems that one company likes to complicate our life.

19. Milan designers are applauding you.

20. He died for our fashion sins.

21. When you say that you're sorry after you ate my breakfast.

22. Any doubts about this?

What was the weirdest thing you have ever done? Why did you do it? Share your stories in the comments and amaze us!

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