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Cats Were Caught in the Middle of the Act and Their Reactions Are Hilarious

Did you know that there are over 600 million cats in the world? Cats are some of the funniest pets anyone could own. Cats are agile and clever which means that they're likely to get into trouble on a daily basis.

At Bright Side, we dove into the deep, dark web and searched for the best moments where cats were caught in the middle of a mischevious act and their owners were quick enough to capture it.

1. "Let me in!"

2. Eating pose

3. "I am a bat."

4. He's so close, yet so far.

5. This cat needs a tuck-in when it's cold outside.

6. Ed's big mistake

7. Just hanging out!

8. "I'm going to be a worm today."

9. "Nooo! The sofa's eating me!"

10. Just some more hangin' out...

11. "That was a mistake."

12. "I'm stuck again."

13. Well, the cat's not out of the bag.

14. "Take me for a walk!"

15. Playing his imaginary piano

16. "I want to be a boat."

17. Swinging like a human

18. Everyone loves a slinky...

19. "I knew what I was getting myself into."

20. "Oh hey, you're home early!"

21. "I was just trying to fix it."

22. "I'm not done crying."

23. "I provide the cookies now."

24. "Oh, look! A fly!"

25. "I am here."

26. "I don't like you."

27. "Shhhh, don't talk."

28. "Almond cookies are grabbing my hand..."

29. The logical way to eat food

30. "It's so comfy and squishy in here!"

31. He has a drinking problem.

32. First time seeing a watermelon

33. When the dust pan is more comfortable than the bed:

34. She still thinks she's a kitten.

35. Ninja cat

36. A camouflaging genius

37. This cat is enjoying their very first train ride.

38. The ladybug on the ceiling was the most interesting thing they saw that day.

Do you own a cat? Which of these cats made you laugh the most? Please let us know in the comments and share this with your cat-loving friends to make their day.

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