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China Built a Hospital for Coronavirus Patients in Just 10 Days

Coronavirus is still holding strong in China. More than 40,000 people have been reported to be infected and the number is still growing. In order to treat all the patients, China needs to create new hospitals to be able to help people as fast as possible. From nothing to a fully-operating building, China managed to build a new place for treating coronavirus-infected patients in just 10 days.

We at Bright Side wish China a speedy recovery and are eager to show you what kind of hospital they managed to build within 10 days. Don’t miss our super positive bonus feature at the end.

The Chinese city of Wuhan started the construction of a new makeshift hospital at the end of January to treat patients infected with the coronavirus.

The construction started at the site of Wuhan where the coronavirus outbreak was reported to have started.

The speed of construction was incredible — hundreds of workers and machinery made the miracle happen.

A worker restoring his energy, not leaving the construction site

As of Saturday (February 8), the hospital has officially opened and is now receiving patients.

A medical worker team received their first batch of patients.

The new hospital was given the name Leishenshan, which means Mount Thunder God Hospital.

It offers a total of 1,600 beds to sick patients.

The staff is doing their best to treat infected patients and are succeeding at it. The number of those recovered has already surpassed the number of deaths several times.

The medical staff having their meals right in the hospital

To avoid long lines, many buildings are getting converted to hospitals too, like this exhibition center.

Bonus: Health workers who have recovered from recent novel coronavirus infections are posing for a photo.

We wish China and all other countries to stay healthy and strong. Wuhan, we’re sending you the best wishes and hope to see you in good health very soon.

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