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Crazy Facts About the World That May Change How You Think About Things


The world we live in is huge and mysterious, and nobody could possibly know everything about it. However, by learning more and more facts about the world, we can at least come a little bit closer to knowing everything. Facts allow us to compare data, find interesting parallels in the world and fully appreciate its diversity. Any facts in our mind give us the opportunity to notice things that other people may not. We're sure that very few people know about things like a diamond city in the south of Germany, for example. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

At Bright Side, we've found 24 facts that will make you see the world in a completely different light.

  • The right ear hears better than the left one. This is because the brain's 2 halves don't work the same way. During childhood, we're more left-brain oriented. This side of the brain is responsible for speech and language. After that time, we just get used to it.
  • Male dolphins give presents to female dolphins. They present them sponges as a symbol of their serious intentions.
  • In China, white is the color of mourning.
  • Sheep can recognize people's faces, even in photos.
  • There is a city that consists of 72 tons of diamonds: they are in the walls melded together with the building's materials.
  • Nikolay Shustov, a Russian businessman of the 20th century decided to promote his new cognac. He hired young people who went to bars and asked for Shustov's cognac. When they didn't get it, they started a fight. As a result, bar owners had to buy the necessary cognac, and people learned that it existed.
  • Whales jump out of the water to communicate. They make a loud noise to attract other whales that are not further than 2.4 miles away.
  • Like people, cats can be right-handed or left-handed.
  • The bottom of the ocean is deformed by the weight of the water.
  • Animals blow their noses too, but it's very hard for them. Giraffes use their tongues and primates use sticks.
  • Rich people in China hire look-alikes and send them to jail instead of themselves if they need to.
  • "Barbie" is not the name of the popular doll, it's a nickname. The full name of the doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
  • When trees are in deep sleep, their branches droop.
  • Some kinds of moss can drink fog. You can even see how they do it.
  • Indian housewives own 11% of the world's gold reserve. This means that they have more gold than Switzerland, the U.S., and Germany combined.
  • One hardworking bee can only produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey during the course of its entire life.
  • Japanese monkeys learned how to buy food from vending machines. They pick up coins in the street and use them.
  • Birds sing to their eggs about the weather. Zebra finches give a signal to their unhatched chicks if the temperature goes down. Embryos start developing slower because a smaller size is more beneficial if it's hot.
  • Once, mathematician George Dantzig accidentally solved a math problem in statistical theory thinking that is was homework. He was late for class and didn't know what the equation on the board meant.
  • There is a state that is on an abandoned military platform in the middle of the sea.
  • A male penguin proposed to a female penguin with a stone. If the female agrees, she takes it to her nest.
  • The shortest war in the world lasted for 38 minutes.
  • A female armadillo can postpone labor by 2 years if she is stressed.
  • This is what a human skull looks like before it loses its primary teeth:

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