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Dream Job Alert: This Company Will Show You the World for Great Photos and Stories

If your New Year wish was about changing your life or getting the perfect job, the Universe has heard you! Southwest Airlines is seeking Instagram influencers and storytellers who want to create travel content and motivate others to wake up and discover our world. Leading candidates will be awarded with the unbelievable opportunity of free travel. And we are quite sure this is enough to become a star tourist and open a new chapter in your life.

At Bright Side, we could not believe that this offer was real. But the facts do not lie. It is not a joke, so do not miss the chance to go big.

To participate in this competition you must be a US resident (excluding Alaska) over 21 years old. You also need to have a minimum of 2,500 followers on Instagram. You may think this is too much. But it is quite difficult to influence the world if there are only 100 people who like your account, right?

If you still believe that this story is about you, it is high time to act. First of all, you have to become a follower of Southwest Airlines (@southwestair). Once this is done, share a photo and caption that tells an engaging travel story. Do not forget to include the hashtags #SouthwestStorytellers and #contest and mention @Southwestair in the caption.

This task must be completed by February 24. This date is close. If you’re still lacking followers or haven’t chosen the best shot ever, put all your other activities off for the sake of your dream. The top 100 applicants will be announced around March 11.

The contest consists of 3 tasks. If you become one of top 100 entrants you will be invited to the 2nd step. You will have to fill out a survey talking about your experience as a social influencer and explain why you are an ideal candidate for this opportunity.

And if you pass this part, you will be selected for the final round. At the final stage you will be competing with 9 other people. The last task is posting a portfolio based on a creative brief from Southwest Airlines.

The grand prize winner will get 24 free flights. The company will also award other people who participated in the final phase with different prizes. Curious? We have no doubt about it. You can find the complete official rules of the contest on the Southwest website.

Do you want to take part in the competition? Show us the picture you are going to submit in the comments! Share this information with a friend who is stuck in a boring job and needs a boost.