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Each of Us Can Make Stupid Decisions, but Here Are 23 "Lucky Ones" Who Failed Very Dramatically

How often do you think "I wish I’d known that!"? It seems to happen quite often. Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of foreseeing the future to avoid severe failures and mistakes.

We at Bright Side collected reminders of the following truth: first think, then do. You should definitely read the article right to the end to stay fully armed!

23. "I got the monkey tattoo when I was 19 and regretted it immediately. 18 years later, the trouble is fixed."

22. "This is Norm. But the idea of having a bath with him was not a norm."

21. It can’t be called a regret. It’s real pain.

20. The photographer must have greatly regretted having his photographic flash turned on.

19. The veins on this dude’s forehead are "louder" than any words...

18. I bought a new night-light in order for my daughter to be calm at night. Damn...

17. "I left my 7-year-old daughter alone for only 10 minutes. This was a huge mistake..."

16. That moment when you decided to bring 2 chairs to a party...but you’d have been better off taking an umbrella with you.

15. The attempt to decorate the toilet bowl was already a failure in color selection.

14. So touching a porcupine is really a bad idea.

13. The striped carpet on the steps of the staircase is my "best" idea ever!

12. "I paid $50 for it. I could do it myself!"

11. "The idea to save our wedding day newspaper was not a success actually."

10. When you really regret that you once decided to move from your parents’ house:

9. "I probably shouldn’t bring protein like this to the office..."

8. Don’t trust your eyes. Don’t trust road signs either.

7. "Well, it was not the best idea to wear an old ragged shirt in such heat."

6. "I went to the shop twice, and I also worked hard with severe pain in my spine. I moved the anchors and the toilet bowl. But I forgot about the door. I’m obviously an idiot."

5. I should probably warn them that the idea is too bad.

4. If you suffer yourself, don’t let anybody feel the same pain.

3. "My friend got a divorce. You can now see one foolish decision following the other."

2. "My kid decided to make his brows shorter. When they turned out to be too short, he glued some hair from his head to his brows. The regret was fast enough."

1. You should never trust what you see. Read twice what it says on your cosmetics. Seriously, double check it.

Have you ever regretted a decision? Share below!

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