Easy Everyday Hacks for Lazy Yet Genius People

Findings from a US-based study suggest that being lazy has a definite connection to being genius. We are not scientists, but we can all see how easy solutions just might be, well, genius.

We at Bright Side love the genius of easy tricks, so we couldn't just keep this list to ourselves and had to share it with you!

When the soup is too hot:

This hotel gives you a separate towel to take your makeup off. A black one.

Brownies are labeled based on which part of the pan they were cut from.

He made an iPad holder out of newspaper for the flight.

Introvert's solution

This is how engineering students deal with trash bins.

Front porch seating, first-class style

So you don't have a trash can?

My dad's solution when his iron stopped working:

How to trick your children into mowing the lawn

More chill than an alarm

You gotta be resourceful to survive college.

Sound ampifier

Do you know how much life vests cost these days?

Survival in India

Geometry finally comes in handy

Is anything in this list Nobel prize-worthy in your opinion? Be sure to share it with us in the comment section below!

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