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Everyday Things That Can Revive Our Faith in Designers

Talented designers can turn simple things into incredible ones like earphones that don't get tangled, an ordinary cable that turns into a masterpiece, or a baggage carousel that turns into a casino.

Bright Side has gathered 25 examples of how the most normal items can turn into works of art after being put in a designer's hands.

These numbers won't rub off.

A tractor for the most stylish farmers

"The way my new couches stay tilted back for easy vacuum access"

For those who are fed up with earphone problems

This hotel actually makes it easy to connect your laptop to the TV.

An important reminder

When only the upside-down world makes sense:

This opener is worth showing to everyone.

These skateboards are for snowboarders to use in the summer.

"My hotel has motion sensor foot lamps for getting out of bed in the dark."

This toilet uses a faucet to refill its tank.

Hand sanitizer on the door handle

A mirror in a train that allows you to keep an eye on your things above you

This corner chair has a backrest on both sides.

Gloves designed for medical emergencies

Electric cables turn into small works of art

Now they won't fall down.

When you're a cook turned samurai:

A multi-crab

Wouldn't you like to have a sink this useful?

The airport has a small patch of grass and a fire hydrant for dogs.

Why haven't we invented this earlier?

This entry band to an amusement park with a QR code of the park map

This conveyor belt looks like a roulette table.

This optical illusion makes drivers slow down for crosswalks.

Would you like to encounter any of these things in your life? Share your impression with us in the comments!

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