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Evidence That Proves Why Life Would Be Unbearable Without Our Friends

Do you remember how easy it was to make new friends during childhood? All you needed to do was go to the nearest playground, start a spontaneous conversation, jump in puddles or mud together and poof! You had a new best friend! Unfortunately, rules in adulthood are different and that's why every friend that we have is extremely precious.

Bright Side collected 19 people that are very familiar with the benefits of true friendship.

19. It's not only about support in a difficult moment, it's about 24/7, 'round the clock support!

18. If your friend doesn't roll on the ground searching for a good angle, they're probably not your friend at all.

17. "One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness."

16. "I had no money so my friends bought me food and clothes. I love my friends."

15. "I was feeling bored and my friend offered to go to New York with me. Here we are!"

14. Find yourself a group of friends where everyone will do their best to find a cool shot.

13. "How to win a prank war: My friend snuck a heinous portrait of me into a charity auction that I was attending. It sold for $200."

12. "I donated a kidney a few days ago so my friend decided to get me a celebratory cake."

11. "My best friend picked me up, took me for ice cream, and did an all-day photo shoot with me."

10. Send this to all your friends right away:

9. "My best friend lives a plane ride away and I hate planes. I’d still fly a trillion hours to see her though."

8. Do you still not believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

7. It's priceless to win at Catan against your best friend.

6. Friendships are all different.

5. "My best friend and me in middle school at the height of Twilight's fame... I don't even have words."

4. "Every year my boyfriend and his friends do a themed 'No Shave November' picture."

3. "We held a funeral for our friend taken by a relationship."

2. "Once I went on a date with someone I met online and during the date, I looked over and saw my best friends with wigs on. I couldn’t stop laughing which is probably why I didn’t get a second date."

1. Accept your friends the way they are and you'll be rewarded.

What one word describes your bestie the best? Please share it with us in the comments!

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