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Fashion Statements We Want to Forget About Forever

"Haute couture" is supposed to be the most advanced level of fashion around. Yet somehow it never ceases to amaze us in all the wrong ways.

Here at Bright Side, we're all for creativity, but even the best of us have found this "high fashion" list a little heavy to handle. What do you think?

She's watching you.

A fashionable couple

"I feel you, bro."

The best guest at the wedding

Blending in with the city

Swarovski crocs

These shoes definitely go with these jeans.

"Let me get my water bottle..."

Stuff of nightmares

He's hatching!

Fashion cowboy


A bedazzled Magneto is the new look.

It's high-fashion - you wouldn't understand.

"I had something like this in the garbage..."

Facial corset

"A girl in my Facebook timeline who is serious about fashion"

Which one of these photos has made you appreciate your wardrobe in a whole new way? Be sure to share your thoughts and maybe your own "fashion" findings in the comments below.

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