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Finnish Office Workers Show Why Nap Time Is Crucial, and Their Example Is Worth Following

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to take an afternoon nap, look no further. In Finland, office workers are increasingly recognizing the value of getting good rest and a much-needed break by participating in guided nap breaks in between working hours.

Bright Side will give you all the details on this new Finnish trend, and why it might be worthwhile for all of us to try.

Adult nap times are spreading quickly in Finnish society, where high stress lowers productivity. Although nap times are far from being official in workplaces, many companies are providing quiet rooms and break rooms where workers can go relax.

Guided nap times have also emerged as a trend at select yoga studios where 30 minutes of guided nap time can help rejuvenate exhausted office workers. A trained professional assists a small group of people in reaching the peak of relaxation, free from digital stimuli.

A Finnish professor and expert on sleep argues that nap times at work can be especially beneficial to create strong bonds and sustainable friendships between colleagues. When we’re sleeping, we’re more vulnerable and trusting of our environment, so who we nap with truly matters.

In Finland, like in many western countries, sleeping in the daytime has often been seen as lazy, but according to Finnish experts, this is changing. Getting enough good quality sleep is now considered by countless Finns as a skill and an important achievement. After all, good sleep is what makes us productive, alert, and creative.

Along with sleep, working styles are also shifting in Finland. Finnish companies are moving away from overly strict working hour rules and favoring those with more flexibility where each worker organizes their hours and breaks independently. Because everyone’s sleeping schedule is different, this allows each worker to get the rest they need.

Are you a daytime napper yourself? Will you be trying the Finnish method in the future? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Illustrated by Anastasiya Pavlova for Bright Side